July 28, 2010

Subject Completion Task 10 – WEEK 4

Writing about web page http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/fac/soc/wie/teaching/pgce/secondary/subjects/maths/assessment/scts/sct10

Week 4 Entry


Lesson 1 - Algebra - Solving simple Sequences

Lesson 2 - Algebra - Sequences - Square numbers (intro to triangle numbers)

Lesson 3 - Fractions

Lessons 1 and 2 were as far as we could go on sequences with this group, at this point student C was having difficulties with sequences student A found it okay but the extension work did stretch his ability (desired result). A lot of time was spent with student C with the help of the TAs the task s were manageable. The square number sequences hit the common misconception where in particular the low ability students multiplying the number by the square. Triangular numbers were introduced, even if the students did not get to those questions they were aware of their existence, however Student A did have a go at the triangular number questions. AFL followed, student B commented on her neighbour's work for the first time. 

Lesson 3, Fractions a new topic, starter was designed to gauge which direction i was going to take the lesson. The starter was to identify the shaded area and write the fraction in different ways, this was to see if they were firstly confident in writing fractions and equivalent fractions. Students A, B and C could identify the shaded parts as did all but one pupil in the class, and approximately 80% could reproduce an equivalent fraction (the 80% included Students A, B and C). The main part of the lesson identify mixed and improper fractions and to be able to convert them to one or the other. A differentiated worksheet was handed out for the pupils to do, 60 questions in all but they select 10 from each section, the answers were put up via Power Point for each section in time intervals. All students gave it a good go, were all the students managed to get on the final section of the worksheet, result!

Homework was due, about half the class handed in the homework, including students A and B, but not C

Homework (Differentiated) )was also handed out for next week

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