July 28, 2010

Subject Completion Task 10 – WEEK 1

Writing about web page http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/fac/soc/wie/teaching/pgce/secondary/subjects/maths/assessment/scts/sct10

Week 1 Entry


Lesson 1 - Averages

Lesson 2 - Investigation

The lessons this week are focussed on averages, lesson 1 was looking at median and mean (which was lesson 4 of 5 on averages which I had picked up from their original teacher) and lesson 2 a 'who dunnit' investigation to consolidate their learning on mean median mode and range.

The lessons I had taught went well, with the first one running a little behind schedule as I had underestimated the time for the students to complete the work I had set (a differentiated worksheet) the work sheet catered for the whole class as the abilities range from Level 3 to Level 5. 

Student C struggled with the questions, however this was because 'C' jumped to the end of the two star questions, I ask the TA to help and make sure student C stayed on the one star questions until they were satisfied. Students A and B had started on the 2star questions, (the worksheet is split into three sections one to three star) and then once they had completed the minimum requirement student A jumped to the three star question (being quite vocal about it!) Student B continued a little longer on two star before undertaking the three star questions.

Lesson 2 investigation called 'who dunnit', here the students consolidate all their learning within this activity. This investigation was under taken in groups of two/three. Student grouped with two lower ability pupils, student B paired up with a mid to higher ability pupil (similar) and student C paired up with a mid ability pupil who i would say is a little stronger but can be vocal and get distracted. The investigation is split into parts and there is a probability section as an extension activity. The investigation was completed by Student A's group, however student A's impatience got the better and started to lead the activity pretty much taking over. Student B and co also completed the activity giving the probability part a go. However Student C and co kept getting distract every so often, getting involved in discussion that were not there own which eventually transpired to consequences, this did however did help them to spur them on. The majority of the pupils completed the task within the alloted time.

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