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February 03, 2012

CSR Drawbacks

Why do people always talk about the advantages of something, while they completely ignore the disadvantages of it? Nothing is perfect, and even if the upsides significantly outstrip the downsides, though, we still have to mention and give them a great deal of consideration.

The lecture of CSR was impressive and I enjoyed it, but, I think Zoe had missed an intrinsic part of the whole subject, if not CSR drawbacks, then maybe the concerns, challenges, threats or arguments about CSR.

Even though I am not well rounded with this topic but I do believe that there must be disadvantages or concerns about CSR as it is a very sensitive issue viewed by the public, especially with those companies who are questionable about their activities, and are involved in damaging social, environmental or the wellbeing of people, to some extent which can lead to hypocrisy!

I really believe that CSR has long term benefits for organisations, but in doing so, and to apply it correctly, we have to be conscious and aware of the drawbacks and arguments of CSR.

Is Leadership the answer to everything?

It is truly sad to hear that one of the companies which was founded 120 years ago and was ranked on the 2011 Fortune 500 list is going bankrupt; and you probably heard about it few days ago, it was quite shocking! Kodak was a pioneer in film and camera industry. Kodak changed the world! Kodak and Photography have become interchangeable, By the 1970s, Kodak was responsible for 90% of film and 85% of camera sales in the United States, but what happened? Why did the company - Out of the blue - filed for bankruptcy protection?

Kodak listed total assets of $5.1 billion and debts of $6.75 billion in the filing. The company's shares, which had already dropped more than 90% in the past year, fell further this month!

As one of the reasons though behind this crack was not capturing the voice of the customer, but eventually, I think that this is all to do about with “Leadership”, the top management did not have the insight, they were stiff – necked leaders and absolutely ignorant, they did not face the fact that the world has changed, that customer needs are rapidly changing, and in addition to that, might be attributed to other leadership related issues which requires more investigation and deeper analysis.

I don’t know if they will ever could go back again to those days where Kodak was reckoned as a pioneer in its industry, but I am sure that they have lost a substantial deal of their market share, as they blew their reputation out of the water, and it will definitely take a long period of time to restore their position as the market leader in photography and camera industry.

In conclusion, I believe that – to some extent – leadership is the answer to everything, whether it is in politics or, business or in our daily life situations.

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