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February 01, 2012

Level 5 = Humility + Will

Level 5 is the title of Jim Collin’s chapter in his book “Good to Great” where he defines leadership as the fifth highest level in his hierarchy of C-suite executives. He concluded this level after a long research with a group of researchers on a set of companies that appeared on the Fortune 500. He concluded that Leadership is a combination of Humility and Professional will as illustrated in the figure below.

Level 5

Leaders in level 5 are incredibly ambitious, and this ambition is for their organisation's success not for themselves.

However, after our first mini project on the definition of leadership, I found out that both our definition and Paul’s might go under the second or third level. So did we miss anything here? Or we are just defining leadership as a general activity rather than trying to investigate what differentiates effective leadership than ineffective leadership.

I will try to raise this issue to Paul on Friday morning!

Leadership Styles And The Yellow Banana

One of the things that caught my attention and for several years is that there are many types of leadership; like ethical leadership, social emotional (or social) leadership, situational leadership, collaborative leadership, crisis leadership, adaptive leadership, transformational leadership, task leadership, strategic leadership, team leadership, and this growing list of management fads could go on and on, and each type has its own definition.

Surprisingly, all these styles and leadership (as a broader term) has the same exact meaning, because leadership is not just about ethics, change management, or strategic issues, etc. it cannot be isolated as a one part or smaller sub systems, leadership must be viewed as a whole system, containing all those types together and integrating them, as leadership involves the appreciation of socio emotional needs of employees and motivating them, flexibility in dealing with situations, collaboration, crisis management and change management, etc. at the same time.

But, what really gets my goat is that why do some people like to make life more difficult, whereas they could make it much easier and make leadership term a little more understandable. Why should I call a banana a “Yellow Banana” when everybody knows that banana is “Yellow”, and this goes the same for “Strategic Leadership” as everybody knows that when we talk about leadership we definitely are talking about achieving strategic objectives. And the same applies for all those respective styles.

Leadership is leadership whether its task leadership or social leadership or other styles, it cannot be separated, it must be viewed as a whole system, and therefore, all these styles must operate under one umbrella which is “Leadership”.

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