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March 13, 2013

Follow–up on Getting started on skills development and the Warwick Skills Portfolio

Workshop Tutor: Han-na Cha

Heres a summary of how I've been getting on with my action points

  1. VARK Learning

    After taking the questionnaire, my results were that I have a multi-modal Visual/Reading/Kinesthetic learning style. Specifically my score were:

    • Visual: 7
    • Aural: 3
    • Read/Write: 8
    • Kinesthetic: 10

    This lines up well with what I thought before taking the test. I learn best by doing and practising, but I also learn well from reading/writing and looking. This lines up well with mathematics education, as a lot of teaching is in the form of notes/writing with diagrams, but to really learn it you have to apply it yourself by doing new problems/examples.

  2. To-Do List

    I've found keeping a To-Do list to be really effective and helpful for getting things done in a timely manner. It really helps me organise my tasks and acts as help motivating myself to be productive. It's a bit harder to sit around doing nothing when the items on my to-do list are staring at me. It also helps to alleviate the sense of "I'm forgetting something, what should I be doing?" when I really do have a bit of free time. The only problem I have is remembering to pick it up and carry it when I go out to campus. Perhaps I need to write "Pick up to-do list" on my to-do list.

  3. Pragmatism

    I've found focusing on pragmatism to quite useful for the applied maths modules I took this term. I found that I was answering more questions in class and generally keeping up better. I'll try and practise this approach more during revision and hopefully improve my performance on the exams next term.

  4. Perfectionism

    I haven't been amazing at this. As always I've found myself really busy with a combination of work and extra-curricular activities. I find it really hard to find time to really perfect a piece of work, as I don't remember to get started until the deadline is already looming. I'll have to try and work on this in future, although I may not have too much oppurtunity this year as all I have left are revision and exams.

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