February 19, 2006

Moving On

I don’t really have the motivation to carry on blogging here. As far as I am concerned, the experiment of Warwick Blogs has failed in its primary objective – to encourage PDP (an acronym which we don’t hear that much of any more).

I genuinely tried to use the medium for keeping track of my work, helping develop what I was doing. But it doesn’t work. Blogs is a way of publishing, not reflecting.

WB is a great social space, but the percentage of information on here that appeals to me any more is negligible. The quality of posts has diminished exponentially since the early days, in my opinion (although there are a small number of clear exceptions). People tried it out for real reflective, work posts, realized there was no point, and went away.

I’ve enjoyed blogging, but why should I carry on blogging at my university if I’m not going to write about my work?

I’m going to carry on at http://www.maxhammondphotos.org.uk/blog/ and I’ll certainly carry on reading the blogs here that interest me.

Since the programmers of WB don’t feel it necessary to help users read external blogs, it will take a bit more effort to read now. Sorry about that. I recommend bloglines if you’d like to try a different way of reading blogs; it’s much easier to add blogs from places that aren’t Warwick. I use something called FeedDemon to the same effect, but that’s not free.

So. It’s been fun. I hope that some of the others here will eventually get “grown-up” blogs of their own, outside of the insular sandbox that is WB.


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