November 07, 2005

Research Session

Follow-up to Revolutionary Road from MA Writing blog

I think Kirsten's right. We only need to hand in the proposal this week. Session in Week 8 with RLF bods and then Week 10 to present our research findings.

Jane – I would appreciate a look at Revolutionary Road. Thanks.


Revolutionary Road

I am currently reading Richard Yates' Revolutionary Road. Published in 1961, the book charts the relationship of american couple April and Frank, their aspirations and the reality behind a marriage that to outsiders seems only perfect. I am two thirds throughthe book at the minute. The third person narration explores the fundamental flaws in each of the character's viewpoint and personalities, as well as exploring the lives of their neighbours and friends. The fragile foundations upon which each life and marriage is built, along with the driving expectations and social standards of the time are exposed with a gentle yet persistent clarity. It has been described by Kurt Vonnegut as "the Great Gatsby of my time…one of the best books by a member of my generation"
I think this book may be of particular interest to John, as parts of the characterisation and dialogue remind me of what he is doing in the story we workshopped last week, so if you fancy borrowing it, just ask!
Jane C

November 06, 2005

Craig Raine

5 out of 5 stars

Hey guys! I recently read a collection of Craig Raine's poetry which spanned his career. The earlier stuff was perhaps my favourite, although I enjoyed the poetry taken from one of his last collections. The middle stuff was more obscure. The first poems were entitled such as 'The Butcher', 'The Barber' and were amazing! He is a poet inspired by images, and sees them frequently in a new light.

Happy blogging,
Kirsten xx

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