December 20, 2005

Just a note to say…......

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Best wishes to you all,
From Jane

December 07, 2005

Kirsten and Jane win poetry competition

last night me and Kirsten went to the Tin Angel Open mic night. we entered a competition to write a christmas haiku…......and won!!
here's the winning haiku:

Haiku for Christmas Morning

Divorced of their shells,
indecent, nude gifts of love.
Satsumas derobed.

the poem was a joint effort and we won a copy of David Dabydeen's new book, Our Lady of Demerara.

future developements

hello all.
From the ideas that we were all discussing at the end of term, I thought it might be good to get some more ideas and feedback on these ideas so that maybe next term we can take them forward and maybe put them into action. So share your thoughts on the following:

1. Writers in the department.
I think John had a great idea here about getting people to give readings in the department. I have approached Jon Morley of Heaventree about the possibility and he sounded interested. What do you reckon?

2. Magazine
again I think this would be great. but if we want to do this, how should we approach it? Should we put out a call for submissions or initially just publish something with our work in to get it off the ground? Publish ourselves or get printed professionally? Short stories and poetry?

Be interesting to hear your ideas.

Just one other thing: support your local poetry magazine! Advocado, Heaventree's magazine is going quarterly as from January. Subscription is £10 a year and you get a free book from their catalogue too when you sign up! see the heaventree site for details.

All the best,

December 05, 2005

Re Christmas Holiday Work

Follow-up to Christmas holiday work from MA Writing blog

Hi all,

Further to Jane's entry, I'm aiming to redraft my workshopped pieces, work on more of my novel, work on a new short story and a few poems…that's the aim today anyway?!

As far as the workshop goes, I intend to provide something new for it…but I'm happy to read more about Stefan, whether it's a redraft or new stuff!


December 04, 2005

Christmas holiday work

Hi just a note to say hello and hope you are all ok.
It would be nice to know what we are all working on at the minute, so leave a note telling us what you are writing or thinking of working on at present.
I'm currently working on a few things. Hopefully some more on my long fiction bit and some poetry too.
Just one other thing, for week one Fiction with Will, what would you prefer to workshop:
A re draft of chapter one
A re draft of chapter two
Or a completely new piece?
I'm not sure what to submit so I will let you choose!
Best wishes to all,

November 26, 2005


The selection Jane got from the archives...
4 out of 5 stars
…Jane, I really enjoyed Fred, as you said I would. I particularly liked the one about the police giving him the roses – very chilling. And the one about the dog eating the girl's leg made me feel sick! "Ballad of a throwaway people" was one of my favourites too….I recommend Mr D'Aguiar to any of you others. I might look into getting moFred D'Aguiar

November 25, 2005

christmas get together

hi, what do you all reckon to a christmas meal and/or drinks? possibly this wednesday evening after maureen's seminar. we could maybe go to Eat in the arts centre. it would be nice to finish term with something like this if you are all up for it!

November 14, 2005

Writers at Warwick This week

I was a bit confused as to which writers will be appearing at warwick this wednesday night, so I called the arts centre. according to them, Irish poet Tony Curtis will be appearing, but not with Cathal O'Searcaigh as advertised. Ruth Padel (who was advertised as appearing this wednesday in some of the arts centre listings) had cancelled a while ago. hope that is of help,
Jane C

Fred D'Aguiar

One of the best modern collections of poems I have read was by Fred D'Aguiar and is called British Subjects. I believe it was published in 1993 by Bloodaxe. He writes poetry that is sensual and subtle but politicised, with a passionate voice and well crafted and absorbing language. He also uses many types of forms, including sonnets. I recommend 'Gift of a Rose' 'Dread' 'Sonnets from Whitley Bay' and the Barber'. It is now out of print, but you can read the collection online using the LION database, just search for the title and author under text search and the whole book is there. alternatively, I can lend copies to anyone interested.
Jane C

November 07, 2005

re: research module

Follow-up to Research Session from MA Writing blog

thanks, will get my proposal sorted out for wednesday,
as soon as I finish the book, it's yours,

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