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October 17, 2004

july 25 2004

Writing about web page

This article, although a little old, is typical of the practices associated with clothing labels… forcing workers to accept lower levels of benefits and lower wages with threats to move production abroad. Using the excuse of job insecurity to reduce costs is just sick. The human cost of this on the workers is of course immeasurable and unrecorded. While there is an economic benefit to outsourcing jobs, in that costs can be cut making a firm more competitive. I don't think that brands can argue they need to cut costs to remain competitive; they're not cutting prices and with the mark up they place on their goods it simply increases profit margins! And anyway, whilst there is an initial benefit of outsourcing, in essence a reduction in the level of fixed costs, in the long run the benefits of the lower sunk costs become negligible and unless there has been a significant shift in the variable cost curve the problems of information transfer and administration can outweigh the benefits of moving production.

in a minor other point…
link Is yet another article about Zimbabwe's shattered economy and its effects. The explusion of non- Zimbabwean industry and confiscation of farms has caused the economy to crash horrifically.

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Writing about web page

Hrm… This is strictly not a "blog" – that word's starting to annoy me – But a 'Media Diary' following the events of a certain topic. As you can see the title of this post is "no logo"... if you've ever read the book by Naomi Klein you'll understand the areas this diary is intending to touch upon.
If you haven't read the book… do! Its a intelligent, satirical call to arms against overwhelming advertising, capitalism and the exploitation of third world countries that seems synonymous with 'branding'. It offers a way to fight back against multinational corporations and the lifestyles we're told we should leave. Buy the book here Amazon
The area Iím intending to focus on is the issue of sweatshops and exploitative labour practices.

Anyway… Socialist society is around for those interested in taking a stand against capitalism, Bush, Islamophobia, Iraq or any other similar issues. Their website is here

As a further point, Iím taking economics and history as my degree, so i vaguely understand capitalist society. I agree with capitalism, but i am aware of its limitations and its not the process of gaining wealth i hate, but exploiting those who cannot defend themselves.

A more trivial aside… does anyone remember how after September 11, no American band would have a go at George Bush or question of war against Afghanistan/Iraq?...RATM even disbanded! :'( the Dixie Chicks were dropped from their label for stating legitimate beliefs. Now its cool to say get rid of Duwya n vote for Kerry… So every other band seems to be doing it! Or is that just too cynical?

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