November 28, 2004


the problem with hashing is that it uses up an increasing proportion of your system's processing on an already demanding program-
expecially when you are downloading, listening to music, browsing the web and burning a cd alll at the same time…........maby thats just me, but without hashing you cando more on your pc faster at any one time consequently ots best to use dc++ version .306 as when i still do all of the above, my pc doesnt crash and give a bsod (blue screen of death)

November 27, 2004


Writing about web page HTTP://MANDRILL.DNSALIAS.NET/

1 go to forsaid website : link
2 download version DC++ 0.306 off this website- (this does not hash your files and f**k with your computer)
3 having downloaded said program, run and install wherever you like
5 go to settings,picture of a checklist when you open the program, the penultimate picture on the right
6 put in a nickname, email address and a description 4 fun
7 ensure connection settings below = active
8 click on the download tab on the left
9 find a folder you want to put your downloads into use this for both completed downloads and incomplete downloads
10 click on the sharing tab and share at least 1GB of cool stuff – do not share windows or program files or your c drive ect as mandrill- see website- will kick you, like many others from the hub
11 click ok
12 click on the gold star = favourite hubs
add two new hubs
1st name: the onion
1st address:
2nd name: twofo.kicks-ass
2nd address:
then tick the boxes in the favouirite hubs
13 double click on both hubs to connect
14 you are now connected to the internal and external hub of warwick university
15 use the search logo to search
16 or double click on a person on the right to get their list of shared docoments ect
17 any more info needed ect feel free to contact me!!!

October 14, 2004


Writing about web page there is'nt one

if by any remote chance you are caught to be reading this then you quite clearly have nothing better to do with your spare time. Get a life or, even better get DC+. Lan based file sharing software and it is f***ing amazing. get this via google and search "dc+" You'll be hooked in minutes and you're herd drive'll sone be gone. need any advice on how to set this up please feel free to contact me

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