May 09, 2005

That Little Bit Extra

Part II : the incident involving the TV aerial

Since the last instalment quite a lot has happened. We have arrived in Hobart for a start.
Anyway, without further ado:

The Villa:

Wow! Just a quick run down of the villa really, as I really don’t want to have to boast about it too much. Currently it is just Lexi and I living here, which means we have a 6 person dining table and a sofa each to watch our TV and DVD from (The DVD is especially useful as we have a total of 0 (Zero) DVDs).
Last but, and I don’t think that this has ever been used in a more appropriate way, by no means least, The View. We look down from our living room over the city of Hobart, out onto the river Derwent, and across to the eastern shore of the city. I can’t put in to words just how nice The View is, so suffice to say its sock blowing offly amazing (I still have trouble reading that and I know what it says, so look over it a couple of times and give it a chance), EVERY time you walk past the window (Yep, especially at night!).


Or put another way The Hill:
Living at the top of a hill and having a sock blowing offly (is it getting any easier to read? I thought I would throw it in again, maybe start a trend and get it added to the dictionary) amazing view does have its downfalls. Well… one downfall. This has now become apparent. It is The Hill that is pretty much the only way for us to get to anything, anything at all. The first time we walked up it was not very nice, but we naively thought that it would get better as we got used to it. It has now become apparent that this is not going to happen. It’s hard really to explain to a predominantly flat country the meaning of the word hill here. I mean, Hobart is built on a hill. Everywhere is uphill, if you’re going down then it’s a safe bet you are going the wrong way. None of these hills however compare at all to the mountain on which we live. The best example I can think of to describe this would be for you to walk up a motorway embankment (not on the steps of course) about ten times in a row… maybe more. We are currently trying to stay healthy by walking up and down it at least a few times a weak… I will let you know how long this resolves lasts.


Yes well, apparently they come bigger here. The worst part, is not knowing if any spiders we find will can actually kill us, neither of us being particularly proficient at spider recognition (something that now comes highly recommended). We lasted approximately 12 hours before we found First Spider (who from now on will be used to determine just how panic inducing a spider should be – anything you find at home probably wont even have long enough legs to cover his body and I’m doubtful whether any of them will actually attack the TV aerial you are trying to poke them with). The battle (which I assume is now going to be an on going thing) lasted about an hour and as I write this I am hoping that the bits of screwed up paper have kept First Spider in the closet behind the TV. I think for safety reasons this cupboard will now remain closed and plugged till the spider has suffocated. By the size of it I reckon that this will be about 10 minutes, but 3 months is a safe bet. On the plus side we now how have no means to iron or Hoover anything in the villa.

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  1. Hello! Look – I still exist! Amazing. I take it you're having fun over there, despite the hill and the spider. Living in a villa eh? ooooh la-di-da.

    Anyway, I thought of you after I got yet another Matthew Stanford commenting on my blog. I think I may accidently be starting a collection like Dave Gorman did with all his… erm… Dave Gormans.

    Right, back to this never ending revision. Gah, hiss, boo.

    Have lotsa fun and cuddles, love JoJo

    31 May 2005, 11:00

  2. Oliy

    Hey you, drunky, where are you? I'm trying to contact you about hockey stuff and also italy/france, are you planning to go, and are you planning to go from stansted at an ungodly hour on sunday 4th, and are you planning to go from standsted at an ungodly hour on sunday 4th with me who you have gladly let crash at yours for the night?

    So many questions, and your mobile doesn't work anymore, and you havn't answered my emails, and i spoke to alex in italy to try and get your home number because he thought he got it off jo once but he didn't and so i couldn't get it and with your mobile not working anymore, i guess you forgot to pay your bills while you were in taz, i haven't been able to contact you.

    give me a call!

    09 Aug 2005, 15:28

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