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April 22, 2005

New School

I'm having a great time. I can't believe how Catholic they all are. One of them is even Irish and Catholic, which makes me giggle. We have learnt a fascinating song about the new Pope.

My class teacher calls everybody Angel, whether they are children, staff, parents, or the student that's just walked in her door. She's lovely.

It's a very…original school. The classrooms have octagonal tables around which the children sit, which makes it feel not very classroomy. The carpet areas all have carpeted steps on two walls for the children to sit on so they can see (and not have to sit cross-legged!) There's even a "nurture room" which looks exactly like a sitting room, where they teach children that don't perform well in a classroom setting, apparently. I haven't actually seen much evidence of behaviour problems yet, although I did hear the boy who tried to get over the very tall fence around the playground when he was shut in the study and started kicking the door…

I would be nervous, but I have been reliably informed by the class teacher and the headmistress that I have been sent by God, which is always good to hear. So I'm happy.

How are you two?

April 02, 2005

33 Hours and 2 minutes

I feel I need say no more.

(Will be adding photos to the blog soon.)
– This last comment was made as a new coment in a new line of comments – therefore not invalidating my previous comment, which still stands.

Still, the less said the better.

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