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February 25, 2005

Un bon mot

Follow-up to Good day. from Dream Team Blog

Just nicking the computer for five minutes in lunch break to tell you…

Yesterday I was teaching RE and we were talking about "special meals" (how vague is that?!) So I asked the children, after a lot of discussion, to design a meal for an imaginary celebration of Shakespeare's birthday/St George's day (they've been studying Burns Night, so they're used to patriotism.) They had to give reasons for their choices, so this girl wrote, and I quote:

"Winy and cake. Because it is nice. Because then my mum and dad will get gruck and then we can stay up!!"

Clever kid…

February 24, 2005

Good day.

Felt almost suicidal last night. Was certain that I wanted to quit. The stress was just to much!...BUT…. having had a nights sleep, I was refreshed in the morning, and both my Lumeracy and Niteracy went very well.

Not exactly a quote, but the funniest thing that happened today was…

I was teaching 'chunking' to the class this morning, going through all the stuff, and halfway through this kid in the Lower Ability group just clicked and fully understood what was going on.
Anyways, about an hour later it turns out he was so elated with the fact that he understood , he'd stayed in ALL breaktime just sat in the classroom doing LOADS of division sums!


Night night all


February 23, 2005


An entry from someone else! woo woo!

Not heard a peep from Lee? anyone else? Fear she may be seriously considering all that 'quitting' talk she was about in ICT. Kel if you are reading this…...'NNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!' Don't do it. We couldn't do without you setting the moral high ground for all of our tasteless jokes! + who would do all the impressions and silly faces? How do you guys fancy going to Alton Towers or something straight after PP4? It'd be AWESOME!!!!!! Crawley would be in her element in the Haunted house rides and ghost trains and stuff!!

Anyway…. its those thoughts that keep me ticking over.

Took my first whole class lessons today. They went OK. Year 6 baptism of fire. Higher Ability CHUNKING! Was actually pretty good, – but have got all the retards in for tomorrow. May prove harder to manage. Oh, and this'll give you all a laugh!. Red Nose day is GOTH DAY!!!! I've got to go dressed like an arse!

See, I knew it would turn to blasphemy,

Well Kel, curiosity has got the better of me. I'm going to call you.

Bye all.

(Crawley get off your ass and write something! NEEEEUUGGHHH!)

February 22, 2005

Thanks Guys!

How lovely it is for all of you to have commented on the 'Dream Team Blog'! And thanks for your floods of texts as I slaved away setting it up!
well, – I have one word for all of you!


Only joking guys. Please write something though…...please.

February 21, 2005

Dream Team Gallery

Just to say I've uploaded a few of the Dream Team photos from my phone. There's some real classics. Make sure you take a look!

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