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March 04, 2005


You guessed it Amy! It is a case of being buried beneath stuff a bit isnt it! And Crawley still hasnt even bothered to enter anything!


Had my link tutor observation on Thursday…It went very well indeed. Said I'd make an excellent teacher in KS2. Not bloody likely, Can't stand the b***. Key stage one is the way forward. In fact, I'm even giving more and more consideration to becoming a full-time music teacher…going around schools and so on. Will probably pay better and be less responsibility. But hey. who knows.

Most amusing incident of the week. I officially bollocked a child for being down right rude on Thursday!

He had been sent out of his classroom and I was walking down the corridor past him. He started to make stupid noises and wave at me in a silly way. So I stopped and told him that I didn't think it was very 'appropriate' considering he'd been sent out of his classroom.

Anyway, 2 minutes later I had to walk back past him to get to my classroom. As I walked past I thought 'What would I be doing now if I was him?' – 'hmmm..probably doing stupid things while the teacher's back is turned just to spite him!'

Swung round and caught him red handed.

Little brat! His teacher gave him a right ticking off! He just got the 'sinister' Mr Penn from me… until I got an apology.

And they say teachers always know what's going on behind their backs!

Home Clothes

It's home clothes day again today – for the second time since my arrival – and some of the things parents send their kids to school in are beyond belief. I've just been watching them out of the staff room window, and there's even a little girl in a Snow White costume.

I've just received a card from one of them that said, "Dear Miss Arthur, you are getting nicer and nicer". Awwwww….

Why hasn't anyone else written stuff here for so long? Are you all buried underneath planning and tasks?

Amy xx

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