April 22, 2005

New School

I'm having a great time. I can't believe how Catholic they all are. One of them is even Irish and Catholic, which makes me giggle. We have learnt a fascinating song about the new Pope.

My class teacher calls everybody Angel, whether they are children, staff, parents, or the student that's just walked in her door. She's lovely.

It's a very…original school. The classrooms have octagonal tables around which the children sit, which makes it feel not very classroomy. The carpet areas all have carpeted steps on two walls for the children to sit on so they can see (and not have to sit cross-legged!) There's even a "nurture room" which looks exactly like a sitting room, where they teach children that don't perform well in a classroom setting, apparently. I haven't actually seen much evidence of behaviour problems yet, although I did hear the boy who tried to get over the very tall fence around the playground when he was shut in the study and started kicking the door…

I would be nervous, but I have been reliably informed by the class teacher and the headmistress that I have been sent by God, which is always good to hear. So I'm happy.

How are you two?

April 02, 2005

33 Hours and 2 minutes

I feel I need say no more.

(Will be adding photos to the blog soon.)
– This last comment was made as a new coment in a new line of comments – therefore not invalidating my previous comment, which still stands.

Still, the less said the better.

March 17, 2005


Follow-up to 4 days left! from Dream Team Blog

One more day to go, one more day of sorrow…good grief, I don't think I've sung that since prep school.

I'm actually enjoying myself now. The pressure's off a bit, and I've had loads of fun doing my WCS tasks since they mainly consist of drama, which this class is really good at. I've got to be Queen Elizabeth the 1st (they must have believed it, the change in behaviour while I had the crown on was amazing) and tell loads of stories. I've also filmed and photographed them all to within an inch of their lives. Yesterday we spent half an hour playing party games including the Humless – I nearly died laughing. I'm playing the cello to them this afternoon, and also having a bit of a sing-song with the uke – yippee!

I don't think I'll miss them, though. I'm very fond of lots of them, but I haven't formed real relationships the way I did with year 5. Maybe because they're only little and maybe because we got off to such a bad start.

Anyway…on to better things…I'm about to apply for a job!!! It's in Coventry but other than that it looks perfect…won't say any more in case I jinx it (or you go for it!)

Have a great Easter. I'm bearing the world record in mind, but remember that I shall be in London with a wedding to arrange.


March 14, 2005

4 days left!

Yeah! I agree. Amy I assume the other two are too busy with other things to worry about us!

Well done with your link tutor…. Half my kids are away so I am wallowing in the joys of 12 kids in my class to myself! :-)
We played a form of twister in maths to demonstrate symmetry. awesome. I was pretty crap though. (split the mat into 2 and get kids to mirror each other's movements)

Don't forget the world record. 31st March/1st April. Amy get a lift with Suzanne, and force her to come.

Any funny stories to tell? um… no. just WELL excited about Friday! :-) Anyone else feel the same. I know Lee will be.

Keep being pestered by the other year 6 teacher who thinks I can't cope with 12 kids. AAARRGGGHH!!!. And, get this! For HER numeracy lesson she nicked the sheet I was using, copied it and made all her kids do it…. THEN realised she had 25 minutes left with nothing to do so…........
made them write out their times tables on mini whiteboards!!!!!!

Its almost like Warwick planted her there as an example of how not to be.
Her Teaching Assistant told her that my class had been playing Twister and having fun, and when she asked 'why?' the T.A. replied 'Because he's a proper teacher'!

I did say they're not my kind of people! – bit confrontational!

Can't wait to see you all! Hurry up and write something! Especially you CRAWLEY!!!!!!


March 10, 2005


Follow-up to 9 Days to go from Dream Team Blog

Viv just observed my literacy. Not the most amazing lesson in the world, but everything got a satisfactory. I'm shattered now. Got drama this afternoon, need to find enough energy somewhere to be Queen Elizabeth 1st (complete with paper crown and sceptre) visiting Kenilworth Castle…I hope my loyal subjects all behave themselves. Beginning to regret having used the role play objective for my WCS task.

Kelly, Suzanne…WRITE SOMETHING!!!


March 07, 2005

9 Days to go

Again Amy you hit the nail on the head!

Roll on next Friday. Will seem like unparalleled unbridled joy after these 4 weeks!

Hate to wish time away like this but I do find myself counting down the days… Still over half way now…will soon gather pace.

Just to say: World Record Organ Playing Endurance record 31st March /1st April in Holy Trinity, Stratford on Avon. 32 hours no less.
Be there or be square. Its where the partys at.

Well, back to the planning then! Thanks for contributing to this guys! – Its a nice little record even though we are WELL busy!
Good luck with the link tutors! Heard Suzanne did really well with hers today. Well done Suzanne. – If you're still alive! WRITE SOMETHING!

See y'all

March 06, 2005


Follow-up to How much longer….? from Dream Team Blog

Yeah, only 2 weeks left. I have to admit, I am not really enjoying this placement. Kids are OK but staff are all horrid, and class teacher is the worst. She treats me just like she treats the kids – in a completely uninspirational, unprofessional, disinterested, unenthusiastic manner. Ugh. And to think she got a good from OFSTED.

My link tutor is Thursday too, so I'm currently trying to change the BORING lesson plan forced upon me by boring woman's literacy weely plans into something interesting enough to teach. I feel really sorry for these kids…

I hope Suzanne's OK…?

How much longer….?

Follow-up to Yep! from Dream Team Blog

Now, I am tired. Very tired. Even fell asleep in the middle of Eastenders in the week!

I have got a severe case of can'tbebotheredwiththis-itus.

Just keep consoling myself that there are only 2 weeks left…

Would love to write more but have science to plan for tomorrow.

Link tutor on Thursday…

Hope you are all getting on well, I'm sure you are.

Bye bye

(Oh, and Alton Towers sounds great!)

March 04, 2005


You guessed it Amy! It is a case of being buried beneath stuff a bit isnt it! And Crawley still hasnt even bothered to enter anything!


Had my link tutor observation on Thursday…It went very well indeed. Said I'd make an excellent teacher in KS2. Not bloody likely, Can't stand the b***. Key stage one is the way forward. In fact, I'm even giving more and more consideration to becoming a full-time music teacher…going around schools and so on. Will probably pay better and be less responsibility. But hey. who knows.

Most amusing incident of the week. I officially bollocked a child for being down right rude on Thursday!

He had been sent out of his classroom and I was walking down the corridor past him. He started to make stupid noises and wave at me in a silly way. So I stopped and told him that I didn't think it was very 'appropriate' considering he'd been sent out of his classroom.

Anyway, 2 minutes later I had to walk back past him to get to my classroom. As I walked past I thought 'What would I be doing now if I was him?' – 'hmmm..probably doing stupid things while the teacher's back is turned just to spite him!'

Swung round and caught him red handed.

Little brat! His teacher gave him a right ticking off! He just got the 'sinister' Mr Penn from me… until I got an apology.

And they say teachers always know what's going on behind their backs!

Home Clothes

It's home clothes day again today – for the second time since my arrival – and some of the things parents send their kids to school in are beyond belief. I've just been watching them out of the staff room window, and there's even a little girl in a Snow White costume.

I've just received a card from one of them that said, "Dear Miss Arthur, you are getting nicer and nicer". Awwwww….

Why hasn't anyone else written stuff here for so long? Are you all buried underneath planning and tasks?

Amy xx

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