October 21, 2012

Teamwork and Achievement

I firmly believe in trust, truth and outstanding teamwork; sharing mistakes and celebrating success. Life has taught me that you get the best out of others provided you give the best out of yourself. Essentially, teamwork is always important, whether it is concerned in our personal or professional lives. It is at times mildly and at other times significantly incorporated into everything we do in our lives. On any scale and at any front, teamwork is cardinal as all parts and entities work collabaratively to achieve the common objective. The group assignments that we have been working on over the last couple of weeks have definitely strengthened our team working skills. Ranging from preparing and delivering seminars and presentations to writing reports, team working skills have been constantly reinforced. It is absolutely vital to understand that these skills and competencies are essentially imperative for the competitive professional workplace.

I strongly believe that achievement and performance, when recognised and rewarded, lead to motivation, which, therefore, results in greater achievement. Motivation is intrinsically related to happiness and success, which are the determinants of higher performance. This is also implied by Frederick Herzberg's theory of motivation, as discussed in the last seminar.

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  1. Kamil Murad

    One of the key things that we learn this year is to work within teams. Most of us are complete strangers to each other. Coming from different parts of the world, what we bring to the table is cultural diversity, new schools of thought, and a whole new blend of ideas that wouldn’t have been possible had we been studying in our respective home countries.
    I remember you weren’t much happy on day one and described the meetings meetings session as a ‘Battlefield’. Good to know everybody is finally settling in and understanding the gist of the Learning environment!

    23 Oct 2012, 13:45

  2. I absolutely concur with you Kamil, and, likewise, I am glad that everyone has settled in well. We are all different individuals who share different, and, at times, even contrasting perspectives on many things. While having a range of viewpoints is absolutely essential and beneficial, we must understand that working in groups/teams would entail certain occasions where all of us might not necessarily agree with each other, or might not be entirely pleased with the way things are, but dealing with such situations in a professional, and harmonious manner is what is more important here. This would also be evident of our team working skills, which is one of the major competencies required in today’s workplace.

    01 Nov 2012, 02:44

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