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April 02, 2013

Relationship with personnel

Whilst researching leadership, I came across an interesting and insightful quote, which I would share here:

“Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it’s amazing what they can accomplish.” – Sam Walton, founder of Walmart and Sam’s Club

This instantly reminded and reinforced the fundamentals of transformational leadership, which elevates the aspirations of individuals and the organization as a whole by showing a genuine care about people and their development. Fostering the relationship with employees and/or followers has a positive influence on their values and corresponding behaviour resulting in increased motivation and, in effect, productivity.

The difference between assertiveness and aggressiveness

“The basic difference between being assertive and being aggressive is how our words and behaviour affect the rights and well being of others.” – Sharon Anthony Bower

A moment to reflect: We encounter certain situations in our everyday lives where we are held back from saying something because we fear that we might hurt someone’s feelings. Due to this fear, lack of confidence and perceived notion, many people have a problem being assertive. However, if people find it difficult to be assertive, it could be implied that other people are taking advantage of them in some way whether that is their personal or professional life. At times people assign us to do their grunt work even though it is neither our responsibility, nor are we their assistants. Helping someone is a different thing altogether, but if people are relying on you or because they know you will do the work, it would perhaps be important to reflect and learn how to be assertive. Being assertive and aggressive are two different things. Whilst aggressiveness is associated with negative connotations, assertiveness is a personal leadership skills that should be developed since it is imperative in today’s world.

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