August 01, 2019

Electrically induced bacterial membrane potential dynamics

Our "zapping" paper (Stratford et al, 2019) has been highlited in various news outlets!

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July 10, 2019


Poppy joined the lab to do a summer project in the Interdisciplinary Summer School.

Poppy is a student of Physics at Warwick and will look into bacterial membrane potential during cell divisions. We have quite many people with physics background.

June 14, 2019

Conference week

This coming week, Marco and Munehiro will be presenting at Gordon Research Conference on bioelectrics!

Iago and Jonatan will be at MRC DTP Student conference/retreat!

June 05, 2019

New paper in iScience

How can bacteria do quality control of their offspring spores?

Quality control is an inherently complex task because quality is difficult to define and requires an integration of multi-dimentional inputs. In this work, we reported that electrical polarization of developing spores (forespores) is coupled with a quality-control system.

Many congrats to the team, especially Teja and Jonatan!

Teja was the first member of the lab and it's great to see this work is now published in iScience, a new open-access interdisciplinary journal by Cell Press.




April 29, 2019

New paper in PNAS

The first Asally lab paper is now published in PNAS! Congrats to the team!!

In this work, we 'zapped' bacterial cells with electricity and monitored membrane potential dynamics. We found proliferating cells and inhibitted cells respond in an apparent opposite directions to an identical electrical input.


Electrically induced bacterial membrane-potential dynamics correspond to cellular proliferation capacity

James P. Stratford, Conor L. A. Edwards, Manjari J. Ghanshyam, Dmitry Malyshev, Marco A. Delise, Yoshikatsu Hayashi, and Munehiro Asally


April 06, 2019

Physics of Micro–organisms

Iago and Jonatan will be presenting at the Physics of Microorganisms! Excited to share our on-going works!!


IOP conference

March 11, 2019

Royal Society International Exchanges

Great news!! We were awarded an international exchange grant to foster a new colloboration with Kano-sensei and Ishiguro-sensei at Tohoku University, Japan. We will be developing ideas to design bacteria-inspired robotic engineering system. Yes, you read it right, robotics! The funding will cover travels between Japan and UK.


It is also worth noting that this special interaction with Ishiguro-Kano lab started by a JSPS-funded meeting at Cambridge. So, a huge thank you to JSPS London as well for making this exciting collobariton to begin!


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