January 09, 2024

New preprint – Fungi oscillation

Emergence of synchronised growth oscillations in filamentous fungi

Praneet Prakash, Xue Jiang, Luke Richards, Zoe Schofield, Patrick Schafer, Marco Polin, Orkun S. Soyer, Munehiro Asally


November 13, 2023

COVER! ThT and mitochondrial membrane potential

Emily's paper is now published in Biophysical Reports and feature on the front cover!!



October 31, 2023

Talent wanted!

Looking for aspiring students to join the lab to work on excitng PhD projects!

Please get in touch with Munehiro if you have any queries.

Molecular mechanism of bacterial electrical signalling

Bringing light to bacterial electrophysiology – bacterial optogenetics

Electrogenetics – engineering living electronic transducer protein

October 16, 2023

New Preprint! BeAST and Yeast!

Excited to share this new preprint!

Bioelectrical antimicrobial susceptibility testing (BeAST) with the budding yeast S. cerevisiae

Congratulations to Tailise and the team! This was a great collaboration with Tasic lab @Unicamp, Brazil (more collaboration to be followed, hopefully!)

In this work, we investigated how membrane potential of yeast changes after stimulated with an externally applied electric field. We found that non-inhibited cells show a hyperpolarisation upon electric stimulation. Interestingly, the magnitude of hyperpolarisation correlates with the level of growth inhibition. Thus, we propose this could be used as a Bio-electrical AST.

August 04, 2023

Phase separated nuclear bodies

A collobration paper with Oka-san has been published in Cell Reports.

Phase-separated nuclear bodies of nucleoporin fusions promote condensation of MLL1/CRM1 and rearrangement of 3D genome structure


March 16, 2023

Great news! Study featured by Biomedical Picture of the Day (BPoD) and New Scientist!

Tailise's Ziapin2 movie has been choosen as "Biomedical Picture of the Day" on 2023/3/13.

Thanks for selecting our movie and congratulations Tailise and the team!



The study has also been featured by New Scientist!



February 06, 2023

Photoswitch for bacterial electrophysiology!

Really excited to share this new paper! Great collaboration with Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) and Politecnico di Milano! Congratulations to Tailise, Gaia, Iago and the whole team!

We used a photoswitch to trigger a response in bacterial membrane potential using light.

Please check our publication: https://doi.org/10.1002/advs.202205007



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