September 17, 2021

Congrats! Doctroal Research Award!

Huge congrats to Iago for receining an Honourable Mentions Award from Doctroal Research Award!

Well deserved!

July 05, 2021

Doctor of Phylosopy!

Huge congratulations to Dr Grobas for successfully completing his PhD! Iago made a lot of achievements during his PhD, including a research paper in eLife, a review paper in Biochemical Society Transactions, and several presentation awards!

Iago made the lab a spacial place. We awefully miss you!!

Iago has joined Oxford University.

Looking forward to learning about Iago's new exciting science!


June 01, 2021

Call for abstracts

Special symposium"Photo/Electrical Phenomena at the Interface with Living Cells and Bacteria"

Registration is now open! We have a fantastic list of speakers. Please join us!


March 16, 2021

Bacterial traffic jams, swarming and biofilm! New paper!!

A part of Iago's PhD project is now published in eLife. Huge congratulations, Iago!! It has been a fun and fruitful collaboration with Marco Polin(physics).

In this work, we investigated stress-induced transition from swarming to biofilm. We discovery a transition compatible with motility-induced phase separation underpins the initial stage of this transition.

And, here is a layman’s summary by eLife. Thanks to Emily Packer for writing this nice piece!

ilopezgrobasphoto_high.jpg eto3tjkxgaarjqu.jpg

March 11, 2021

Special symposium

There will be an exciting symposium in Material Research Society 2021 Fall meeting! Please check!

"Symposium SB11-Photo/Electrical Phenomena at the Interface with Living Cells and Bacteria"


December 16, 2020


Calling for papers! Munehiro is co-editing two special issues.

If you have any article/review/perspective peice that may fit the topic, please consider submitting a paper.

"Microbial Electrophysiology" special issue in Bioelectricity

"Metabolic Heterogeneity in Microbial Populations" topic issue in Frontiers in Microbiology

December 11, 2020

Review paper just published!

"Biofilm and swarming emergent behaviours controlled through the aid of biophysical understanding and tools"

is now published online in Biochemical Society Transactions.

Check out this beautiful illustration summary (credit Dario Bazzoli)! Congratulations, Iago and Dario!



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