March 18, 2011

Fake That

Just when you thought your head would literally explode if you saw any more ever of Take That and smug crown prince of MOR Dame Gary Barlow, a palatable option emerges. In a for one night only performance surely Comic Relief’s Fake That provide a version of the band so bizarre, so unfathomable that suddenly it all gets just a little bit interesting.

Why would camp catty razor-sharp Alan Carr be chosen to take off diminutive grinning mums’ favourite Mark Owen? What devilment is afoot in casting James Corden as Gary Barlow’s picture in the attic who’s just put in a quality weekend at Greggs? Does David Walliams need any more opportunities to unleash his Frankenstein’s monster version take on Howard Donald?

Why are John Bishop and his teeth the chosen combo for the nation’s faded sweetheart Robbie Williams? Who knew that a woman would be the best choice for former dancer Jason Orange?

What does it all mean ?

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