May 01, 2009

National culture and leadership

Hey everyone.

How does National culture, influence leadership? By asking this question we have started discussing this culture and its effect on leadership, also the Importance of culture in a variety of different aspects.

It mentioned that culture is what's seen as acceptable norm of behavior and what people get used to. I think many principles of culture have been in the society's category of unquestionable for a long time. 

We’ve seen differences between cultures and what’s expected from leaders and the different views of leadership style.

As it's known in the western world family relations do not have any effects on leadership and they rarely consider this factor when they recruit people regardless of the qualification. However, it’s quite different in the Eastern world that family relations have a strong influence on the leaders' style and relations are considered as a major part when they hire someone. From my point of view, family structure plays a major role into that, for instance, nuclear family and extended family.  And I strongly believe in long term life this will cause huge problem, because many un-educated people will take a good position unfairly!!  And those who have been well educated and don’t have any relatives, who are in high positions, will play in the street with his/her qualification.

April 28, 2009

Coaching and communication.

Today we have a great section about communication and coaching. I learnt some ideas that might help to understand leadership and how leaders can be improved.

Listening is one of the most important and effective skills that leaders should have, because it gives a great chance to understand people around you "followers". This understanding is a solid basic to establish a good relationship with other.

This part leads to coaching.

Giving advice is not a good idea to start with when you asked to help. There are some tips should be followed to be successful coach.

-Understand the problem clearly is the first key of coaching: reflect the problem or problem definition.

- Understand impacts: " how do you feel about that?". What are impacts?

-Elaborate options: Offer some options

- Facilitate evaluation of options: set up action plan.

- Agree Action plan

- Agree review process. Set up time and goals to achieve.

Here I'm just wondering, does Gender effects on the approach of coaching? In other word, males when they mention their problem, they are looking for answer or solution. On the other hand, females just want to be listened usually.

This point I think is quite important to be considered when we deal with different people and different gender.

April 26, 2009


I have not started wrote about what i have learnt form the first day of the LE Module, but I have took some notes that probably will help to write about Leadership.

The main question that i have is What's the Leadership? since long time  there are huge numbers of publisher that have been defining and talking about leadership.

we had an exercises as a group and after each task we should write some points that need to be improved and things that we've done well. after i looked at the weakness points i thought a while of  them and they were in my mind during the second exercise, and tried to avoid them. so now i believe that the first step to solve any problem is to KNOW it !

that's it for tonight.

see ya later!

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