February 27, 2006

Not a good idea but what the hell!!

Thought better of it!!

February 03, 2006


I thought after the last few eventful days I thought it was about time I updated.

I suppose my going out status is defined by others as semi-hardcore. Fiona and Christa, good effort. You are hardcore girls (that could be so wrong – I didn't mean it how you're thinking Fiona). I'm highly impressed. You were a bit part time on Wednesday, I must say. Ross and I were as hardcore as possible (apart from Ross on Wed) seeing as we weren't going to shave our legs and wear a skirt to go out with the girls on Tuesday. Claire and Lindsay are rubbish. Work or ill – poor excuses – not impressed. Think about the Grease!! Never mind. IKON on Wednesday – wooo!

I'm owed drinks from Bex and Fiona (this is more to remind me than to tell them)

I don't like reading week. Lots of people go home and I can't because I still have lectures next week. I would prefer it if people didn't go home but what can you do? As my MSN name says, absense makes the heart grow fonder. Everyone's gonna love me when they get back.

Megson out!! Megson out!!

I don't like assignments unless they involve maths. G+M is good, LA sometimes is but I hate analyis. Spoons at the ready. Oops I'm talking about maths again. I really need to stop doing that.

Like they say in the Looney Tunes: That's all folks. Randomness –

Random Internet Game – Disinfect The Core – link (this has had me obsessed for hours)

January 30, 2006

Doing as I'm told

So after days of bullying I have finally got round to updating my blog. My aim for this one is just to be better than Fiona's latest update which shouldn't be too difficult.

Isn't Football Manager the greatest game ever? Only thing that comes close is Pro Evolution for PS2. Football rules. Unless you're a Forest fan and then it sucks.

Armageddon is a decent film. It did sort of drag on a little towards the end but I can see how it makes people cry. I think Claire knows too. Lion King rocks. Hakuna Matata is the greatest saying in the history of ever. Clueless isn't bad. Hot girls and average plot.

I've finally signed my life away to live in Leamington next year. 90 Shrubland Street, 3 floors, 3 bedrooms and only round the corner from the M1 and O1 house. Could we have a house that was any better?

Score was good last week. I was quite drunk. Drinking Uno, G'day Bruce and Ring of Fire does that to you. Lindsay's performance in G'day Bruce was a highlight of the week. Sorry, but you were rubbish!!
Top B tonight – we'll see if we can manage our aim!!

Vote Barry!!

I would write more but I can't be bothered. This was me. Random time (M1 inspired):

Listen to: Finite Simple Group (Of Order Two) – The Klein Four Group (Classic!)

January 24, 2006

Number Two

I love puns.

First I must apologise to the O1 crew. You are not "cool" but you are actually cool (Happy now Fiona).

The IT department here are actually worse than at my old school. At my old school we weren't allowed to use MSN at all but here they change everyone's passwords to My.Insite. How stupid is that? That's why I haven't been updating like I wanted to.

I have already commented on the fact that Derby lost 6–1 at the weekend but I have to again. HAHAHAHAHA. Derby suck!!

No more Sven Gordon Eriksson. Stuart Pearce or Martin O'Neill for the top job. Take that old Cloughie spirit to the England side like it should have been years ago.

iTunes is like one of the best things ever. My music is quite bad so being able to listen to other people's is just awesome. I can't wait until I can start stealing other music that will just make mine look better.

I've added more pictures to my galleries mostly involving drunk O1 and me. They are quite entertaining.

Happy week is finally here. For those of you that don't know everyone in N2 has to be happy for the whole week – hence the name. We've all been a bit depressed at some point this term so it seemed like a good idea. First on the agenda was Top Banana (it doesn't have the same look without the MSN banana). Steve was so drunk (not as drunk as Wednesday but that's a whole other,very funny story).
I would have liked to have been more drunk but you can't have everything!!

The main point of the night was for Sam and Becca to raise some money for their Charity hitch-hike to Morroco. It was so good. They wore some silly outfits and walked around for two hours waving bins under people's noses. The amazing thing was they got about £250 for it.

If you read this, please donate (O1 hint-hint). It's for a good cause. For more info go to www.justgiving.com/samandbeccashitch. You can either bring it to N2 or go to the website. Please.

This has been Moutar again. Time for randomness:

Random quote: "Vodka and beer and rum and whisky don't mix" (Daniel Archer – December 2005)

January 21, 2006

It's my First Time …

… writing a blog.

Seeing as all the "cool" people are doing it I thought I would join in. Me and writing don't get along lots but I talk a load of rubbish most of the time so I thought I might as well write rubbish too.

I thought I'd start with some random musings:

1) Why are 9 o'clocks so much more difficult to get to than 10 o'clocks? They're only an hour different.

2) I have drunk so much more frequently this term than I had last term. I wonder why that is. More stress? A better liking for the amber nectar? Or just coz I'm turning into an alcoholic?

3) Why can a team win so many games at home so well but then when they go anywhere else, they're awful? The pitch is the same size and made of the same stuff. The same players are playing. There's a great away support. Come on Forest. Let's win an away game!!

4) Why is it such a small world? I have completely randomly met and someone my best friend used to go to school with ages ago, someone I worked with and someone who I used to go to school with.

5) Drinking with the M1 boys is funny. The book will rule all. I urge all people with eyes to read it when it's published (probbably on a website). It's "the Don".

Finally shout outs to the N2, M1 and O1 crews. I'll drink to you guys (see – still drinking!?!)

This was Moutar. I'll leave you with my random thing to try for the day.

Random Song: Higher Place – Peyton (Listen – it's actally not bad)

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