January 24, 2006

Number Two

I love puns.

First I must apologise to the O1 crew. You are not "cool" but you are actually cool (Happy now Fiona).

The IT department here are actually worse than at my old school. At my old school we weren't allowed to use MSN at all but here they change everyone's passwords to My.Insite. How stupid is that? That's why I haven't been updating like I wanted to.

I have already commented on the fact that Derby lost 6–1 at the weekend but I have to again. HAHAHAHAHA. Derby suck!!

No more Sven Gordon Eriksson. Stuart Pearce or Martin O'Neill for the top job. Take that old Cloughie spirit to the England side like it should have been years ago.

iTunes is like one of the best things ever. My music is quite bad so being able to listen to other people's is just awesome. I can't wait until I can start stealing other music that will just make mine look better.

I've added more pictures to my galleries mostly involving drunk O1 and me. They are quite entertaining.

Happy week is finally here. For those of you that don't know everyone in N2 has to be happy for the whole week – hence the name. We've all been a bit depressed at some point this term so it seemed like a good idea. First on the agenda was Top Banana (it doesn't have the same look without the MSN banana). Steve was so drunk (not as drunk as Wednesday but that's a whole other,very funny story).
I would have liked to have been more drunk but you can't have everything!!

The main point of the night was for Sam and Becca to raise some money for their Charity hitch-hike to Morroco. It was so good. They wore some silly outfits and walked around for two hours waving bins under people's noses. The amazing thing was they got about £250 for it.

If you read this, please donate (O1 hint-hint). It's for a good cause. For more info go to www.justgiving.com/samandbeccashitch. You can either bring it to N2 or go to the website. Please.

This has been Moutar again. Time for randomness:

Random quote: "Vodka and beer and rum and whisky don't mix" (Daniel Archer – December 2005)

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  1. Well Martin I am happier now that you have realised our coolness!!! O1 are frankly the best corridor to hang out with! (the pictures demonstrate that!) but you really shouldn't steal other people's music! (naughty naughty!)

    24 Jan 2006, 20:51

  2. Richard Snowdon

    ""Vodka and beer and rum and whisky don't mix" (Daniel Archer December 2005)"

    Doesn't sound so bad, maybe I'll try it at BotB tomorrow. Would it be one drink after another or one big dirty pint though?

    25 Jan 2006, 11:46

  3. You would have to ask Dan about that. He is the expert.

    25 Jan 2006, 12:08

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