January 21, 2006

It's my First Time …

… writing a blog.

Seeing as all the "cool" people are doing it I thought I would join in. Me and writing don't get along lots but I talk a load of rubbish most of the time so I thought I might as well write rubbish too.

I thought I'd start with some random musings:

1) Why are 9 o'clocks so much more difficult to get to than 10 o'clocks? They're only an hour different.

2) I have drunk so much more frequently this term than I had last term. I wonder why that is. More stress? A better liking for the amber nectar? Or just coz I'm turning into an alcoholic?

3) Why can a team win so many games at home so well but then when they go anywhere else, they're awful? The pitch is the same size and made of the same stuff. The same players are playing. There's a great away support. Come on Forest. Let's win an away game!!

4) Why is it such a small world? I have completely randomly met and someone my best friend used to go to school with ages ago, someone I worked with and someone who I used to go to school with.

5) Drinking with the M1 boys is funny. The book will rule all. I urge all people with eyes to read it when it's published (probbably on a website). It's "the Don".

Finally shout outs to the N2, M1 and O1 crews. I'll drink to you guys (see – still drinking!?!)

This was Moutar. I'll leave you with my random thing to try for the day.

Random Song: Higher Place – Peyton (Listen – it's actally not bad)

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  1. You're right Martin, it is rubbish!! Hehe I am excited that i got a mention (though not explicitly) but I'm not so happy about the drunken/scary picture of us!! I'm glad you have a blog though- I'm sure it will keep me entertained!

    21 Jan 2006, 18:08

  2. I liked the drunken scary picture! In answer to your questions
    1. I didn't realise we could stay in bed if we didn't have nine-o-clocks – I am under instructions that Lindsay needs a breakfast buddy! There's only me that doesn't (sob, sob!)
    2. Take your pick from the options liking for amber nectar – maybe, alcoholic – more likely, more stress – definitely! (It's that that causes you to be an alcoholic!)
    3.No idea about the football one would use some comment like men can't adapt to new situations easily but it's rather lame and probably not worth the blog space!
    4. I haven't met anyone I know from home so can't comment on the smallness of the world
    5. Look forward to the book

    Just one last thing we are not "cool" people we are just cool (no quotation marks necessary!) and if we don't improve from third on your list of importantness I will not comment again!!!

    22 Jan 2006, 13:40

  3. Martin Richards

    I'm glad I can entertain you, Christa.

    I'm waiting for an O1 picture that I can put up. No-one seems to want to give me one (that could be so dodgy!!) I think only time will tell about the quotation marks. And Fiona, have you never heard of saving the best till last??

    22 Jan 2006, 14:11

  4. 3) Tell me about it mate. I had the pleasure of going to see my team Derby at the Ricoh Arena yesterday and despite going 1–0 up we pulled off an impressive 6–1 defeat. By the end we were singing to our players "are you Forest in disguise?" It was the worst second half performance I've ever seen from a team, we were shocking.

    22 Jan 2006, 14:31

  5. Martin Richards

    Derby losing 6–1 cheered me up so much yesterday. I wish I'd gone and sat in Coventry end. It would have been so much fun. Even Forest wouldn't lose 6–1 at Coventry.

    22 Jan 2006, 15:01

  6. Martin, saving the best til last is just not a good enough excuse! Things are going to have to change!!!

    22 Jan 2006, 15:41

  7. Martin Richards

    I'm sorry. Tell me what I should say and I'll say it.

    22 Jan 2006, 22:33

    becos we is "cool."

    23 Jan 2006, 21:26

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