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May 23, 2006

Review: Mission Impossible 3

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Mission Impossible 3
4 out of 5 stars


  • Expected it to be a sub average bond film (like The Saint) as was MI:1.
  • Expected it to be badly put together like MI:2, and be disconnected from the MI:1 style (like Terminator 3 was with its predecessors)
  • Not sure I could picture Tom Cruise without bits of placenta dangling from between his teeth (story)

Review: (includes spoilers) 8.5 out of 10

The shaky camera work of the opening scene coupled with human torture in place of clever direction pretty much summed up what I have hated this year. I was expecting this film to give me everything I didn't want, in a boring predictable fashion. I was wrong!
This film, after the opening flashback scene pulls you in nicely to a not–particularly–deep plot that jumps around fast enough to keep you entertained without letting you think "What a minute, what? That's a stupid idea Ethan!". Some masterful scenes at the start (the helicopers chasing through the wind farm at night) set the bar for which the rest of the direction follows; it is simply put together excellently. Whilst computer graphics were clearly used, every shot was done realistically leaving you clueless as to where the props ended and the trickery began.
Whilst the film is superficially about a rescue, the body of the subplot rotates around Cruises's relationship with his fiancee/wife and how maintaining a life of deciet is morally wrong and endagers the lives of the ones you love (almost barf worthy but executed well). In this context the action cuts back and forth in the same scenes intertwining these two stories, and well enough to be convincing although Michelle Monaghan played the role slightly too dappy for my liking.

It's a great, entertaining film which certainly stands above the second, and in it's own right against the first. Not too clever for it's own good, it's comfy to follow, and the direction and production are excellent. And if that's not enough, Simon Pegg (Spaced) is in it! I highly recommend it, and give it 8.5/10.


  • Plot: not really particularly clear why he'd go back on this mission. She was like a sister to him yadda but now he's got a real family…
  • He drives a Volvo 850, and from the rims looks like a 2.5 petrol. Clearly Volvo owners are not to be messed with, and are at least as cool (often cooler) than Ethan himself.
  • If you go on an undercover mission, wearing black is a good idea. Unless you're wearing a shiny black leather jacket: Ving Rhames, sort it out. Shiny Gucci shoes and other sheeny hides don't suit you.
  • I liked the embrace Ethan and Julia shared, with the camera capturing each of their expressions of fear and uncertaintly both in the situation and ther relationship. Nice touch, executed excellently.
  • Lawrence Fishborne is very fat. If he had been this fat during the Matrix, the helicoper couldn't have saved him.
  • Simon Pegg was hilariously British. I strongly suspect that audiences outside the UK won't get the humour in his character.
  • If I ever get married, it's going to be like that. Seriously. I'm being deep and meaningful here. It was beautiful in it's bare sincerity.
  • Ethan used the OQO handheld PC I must have one, so cool!
  • DHL van broke down lots. Corporate advertising but bad message surely?
  • If a lady wants to blend into a crowd, don't wear what is essentially just a red scarf draped across those bits which kept this film a 12A. Or turn up in an orange Gallardo. And then blow it up.

May 01, 2006


In Coventry, even the computers are chavs!

My own country

Say what you like about having a ruling monarchy, but those guys in Saudi Arabia have at least got one thing right: no women drivers !! How brilliant is that? Not even golf buggies !! rofl
I want my own country, that'd be sweet. I'd have to seriously consider my rules.

  • "No people better looking than me" – hmmn might end up with either no other people, or having all of Luxembourg moving in.
  • "No really nice cars, unless they're mine" – actually where's the fun in that? Yes my Gallardo will beat your Lada, every time. Boring. Now a Lada with a V8 vs a Gallardo…
  • "No smokers" – Who could disagree with this one? It's just common sense.
  • "No arts students" – Pretty much a subset of the above. And if they don't smoke, they should; afterall they have nothing better to do.
  • "No people who sit in the Library talking" – Actually this also seems to be a subset of the people above. Hmmn. Spot the trend.
  • "No French" – It's all about subsets. you know who you are, you cheese-eating surrender monkeys

Right so there you have it. I call first dibbs on Iraq.

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