May 01, 2006

My own country

Say what you like about having a ruling monarchy, but those guys in Saudi Arabia have at least got one thing right: no women drivers !! How brilliant is that? Not even golf buggies !! rofl
I want my own country, that'd be sweet. I'd have to seriously consider my rules.

  • "No people better looking than me" – hmmn might end up with either no other people, or having all of Luxembourg moving in.
  • "No really nice cars, unless they're mine" – actually where's the fun in that? Yes my Gallardo will beat your Lada, every time. Boring. Now a Lada with a V8 vs a Gallardo…
  • "No smokers" – Who could disagree with this one? It's just common sense.
  • "No arts students" – Pretty much a subset of the above. And if they don't smoke, they should; afterall they have nothing better to do.
  • "No people who sit in the Library talking" – Actually this also seems to be a subset of the people above. Hmmn. Spot the trend.
  • "No French" – It's all about subsets. you know who you are, you cheese-eating surrender monkeys

Right so there you have it. I call first dibbs on Iraq.

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  1. Tim

    The Luxembourgeois are pretty people, inside anyway.

    01 May 2006, 18:35

  2. Ellie

    i am so bloody bored, i have not only read tim's blog, but now i've read yours. and i take issue with the smoking arts student layabout bashing. we english students NEVER go to the library therefore would never disturb the curious people who do by talking in it. get your facts right.
    now will have fag, meanwhile ranting about self aggrandising science students to my phycisist housemate, (15 minutes) which will hopefully eat up any remaining energy otherwise to be spent reading paradise lost.

    01 May 2006, 22:39

  3. Ellie

    although i agree with the no women drivers bit, as am a liability.

    01 May 2006, 22:40

  4. Heather

    You are DEAD Gibson. Actually, genuinely, doornail dead. The second I get hold of you, and not from my driving because that is awesome. I'm going to kill you. Actually kill you.

    02 May 2006, 15:14

  5. Notice how I didn't exclude women drivers from my list. Obviously, when I said "how brilliant is that?" I meant to highlight the non–brilliance of it.
    PS Ahahahahah you can't get me :P

    02 May 2006, 15:24

  6. Tom

    "No arts students"

    But who will run the telemarketing industry?

    04 May 2006, 00:46

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