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May 01, 2006


In Coventry, even the computers are chavs!

My own country

Say what you like about having a ruling monarchy, but those guys in Saudi Arabia have at least got one thing right: no women drivers !! How brilliant is that? Not even golf buggies !! rofl
I want my own country, that'd be sweet. I'd have to seriously consider my rules.

  • "No people better looking than me" – hmmn might end up with either no other people, or having all of Luxembourg moving in.
  • "No really nice cars, unless they're mine" – actually where's the fun in that? Yes my Gallardo will beat your Lada, every time. Boring. Now a Lada with a V8 vs a Gallardo…
  • "No smokers" – Who could disagree with this one? It's just common sense.
  • "No arts students" – Pretty much a subset of the above. And if they don't smoke, they should; afterall they have nothing better to do.
  • "No people who sit in the Library talking" – Actually this also seems to be a subset of the people above. Hmmn. Spot the trend.
  • "No French" – It's all about subsets. you know who you are, you cheese-eating surrender monkeys

Right so there you have it. I call first dibbs on Iraq.

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