About me

About me


I actively like my cars – this is mine:

I like to forget how much I’ve spent on it… Keeping costs down I try to do the work myself: it’s had 6k HID lights, strut brace, uprated leads, uprated dizzy arm and rotor, synthetic oil every 5k, replacement locks, front-bumper respray, K&N intake, replacement fusebox, Brembo brake disks, Pagid pags, replacement front calipers, DOT 5.1, and replacement brake lines.
181,000 miles on the clock and still faster than a Subaru WRX. Truly the ultimate sleeper car (and you can sleep in it too!)

It will have by the summer a larger turbo and Weitek/Eibach suspension kit.

And a video link to me racing it that day is HERE

I like my travelling; I recently added Poland, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Ireland and Sweden to my ‘been to’ list which is around 36 countries by now.

I like drum and bass, as well as more traditional female singer/song music, and dabble in Rock when I get a chance.

I used to dive then I blew out my eardrum. Now i’m a bit deaf!