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January 03, 2007

T4 – Karl Allegro

Sheen, Bodgit, Scarper and T5 heading towards Dkhla. Heat rising. Fillipe and Ana catching up after car troubles.

T4 – T8 (Frankie & Nathan)

T8 Frankie and Nathan off to Dakhla have picked up two fares as we are driving a Moroccan taxi. First dunes now, teeny bit of fun off road yesterday.

T4 – T5 Pauline Volvo

Nearly all teams made Bedouin Desert camp at Layoune, fun sand driving to it with plenty of playing! Full moon so not so many stars. Playing on departure led to discovery that we have wrong size brace. That’s 1 each as yesterday grounded on rock playing in more sand. All’s good with Mavis she’s handling it well.

January 02, 2007

T4 – T2 (George & Eleanor)

Team 2, George and Eleanor are in Rabat tonight. Hoping to get Mali visa tomorrow then follow on.

T4 – T8 + Frankie

T8 & Frankie arrived safely for New Year’s in Sidi Ifni. Now on the road to Layoune, straight, hot and dusty. Just had lunch with Mark, Karl, Ian, Sam and others

T4 – T5 Pauline Volov

T5- Happy New Year. Was spent in warm Sidi Infi, good food, booze and lots of fireworks on the beach at midnight! Day attaching air horns and swims in the surf/studying.

January 01, 2007

New Years Day

Update from Mark in Sidi Ifini Morocco…

Eight teams all spent a relaxing day fetling with cars, swimming in the big Atlantic waves etc on New Years Day. Just George still to catch us up from late start via Malaga. Great beach firework display last night from Paula and tim. Everyone well.

About 420 either miles or kilometers [not sure which!!!] to Layonne tomorrow morning into the Western Sahara staying a campsite 40km north of town.

Using funny keyboard here so this has taken 20 minutes to type!!

Mobile phone coverage starts to get patchy from now on….

Until later, Mark [Team Sheen with Karl]

December 31, 2006

Update from previous message

Follow-up to T4 – Karl Allegro,Team Sheen (Mark & Karl) & T5 from KramBlog

HP: This message appeared after the others but I think it is probably meant to go before:
Stayed in El Jaidida middle of Morroco on coast last night with T5 (+ Toby) on way to to Sidi Ifni, just had lunch at side of the road in lush hills. Very quiet today due to mass goat slaughtering festivals. It’s getting warmer, all well, happy New Year to everyone, thanks Tim’s mum for fab cake, thanks HP (that’s me!)

T4 – Karl Allegro,Team Sheen (Mark & Karl) & T5

Karl Allegro, team sheen and T5 on the road again, just seen Fillipe and Anna heading for Sidi Infi.

T4 – T5 (pauline & hendrickz)

Finally made it to Africa! Early start to make a 9am ferry only to watch it depart half full! No apparent reason, joyous but so typical! We’re heading south again so all chilled! Car been officially named ‘Mavis Mercedes’ and is still running like a dream. Heading for Sidi Infi for New Year’s Eve fun, beer, wine and fireworks! (T&P)

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