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June 20, 2007

Social Networking and the demise of myspace??

Writing about web page

I don’t really get myspace, its too gimmicky, full of content that I cant really view at work and don’t want to see at home.

However as a business model myspace works, their traffic is admirable, their user base phenomenal especially considering the number of with click throughs to paid sites they get.

Different social networking websites fit different age groups and demographics. Bebo the young, myspace teens to twenties, facebook university to mid thirties (although this is moving quickly to older age groups with the risk of making it uncool to their original young user base) and LinkedIn / Ecademy post-university professionals wanting to do business.

There is a need to continue to be a space for different social networking sites to meet the requirements of demographics as there is no individual model that currently fits across all segments.

According the FT, Rupert Murdock (the owner of myspace) is concerned that he is loosing much of the growth in social networking websites to facebook. This simply the late adopters (the over 24’s) coming on board the social network bandwagon after the yoof (early adopters, under 24’s) came to myspace in their droves…

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