November 01, 2006

The use and application of mobile bogging (moblogs) within business

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Earlier this week I took on two new MSc students for my new project on the application of mobile blogging. Mobloggs have been used extensively in the journalism field for sometime. The challenge for this project is to look for applications in other fields and in particular engineering.

Heres a bit from the project brief:

Project Background

This project will addresses the question whether tools used for contributing to moblogs (i.e. mobile web blogs) can be used professionally within the engineering and/or the business environment. The project will include interviews and case studies and evaluating existing moblogging technology and practices.

About one third of the UK population already owns a mobile device with image capturing capabilities. There is also moblogging software available, while still more than a bit quirky, giving image capture and annotating capabilities. Therefore, the possibilities for incorporating a moblog within engineering businesses as a tool to monitor and control resources or status is to the greatest part limited by the organisation’s own resources and interest.

With Mobile phone penetration in the UK has remained steady at around 70 percent in a population of approximately 60 million people, the user-base is already there – and waiting for things to happen.

Main Activities:

Definition of requirements
Literature review
Study of existing moblog practices
Study of existing moblog technology
Analysis of current Google business practice and influence on Business, e.g. AdWords
Development of a best practice approach / model for moblogs adoption within engineering business

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  1. Feel free to delete this if it is a bit irrelvant but I found a moblog the other day from a link on the open blog in WebCameron. The guy is a council candidate in Walsall and is using his moblog to keep his constituents informed about his campaign.

    01 Nov 2006, 16:19

  2. Mark Swift

    Many thanks for your comment, not irrelevant at all!! This is another example of where mobile phones can be used for quick responsive news or event reporting. My research is looking into application areas such as reporting maintenance issues in safety critical environments for example but will need to compare with more established areas.

    I looked at the webcameron site but couldn’t find the link, do you have the link?

    02 Nov 2006, 15:04

  3. Oh, it’s quite old. I just read it in passing as I was interested to see how he had decided to use modern technology in his campaign. The link is

    04 Nov 2006, 00:53

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