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Dr Mark P. Swift

Senior Research Fellow
InterLean Group
Warwick Manufacturing Group
International Manufacturing Centre
University of Warwick

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Mark Swift

Dr. Mark Swift is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Warwick and is the Technical Manager and a Project Consultant for West Midlands Collaborative Commerce Marketplace.

He holds a first degree in Manufacturing Systems(Leeds), an MSc in Engineering Business Management (Warwick) and an Engineering Doctorate (Warwick) in collaborative systems and practices in small business. His EngD research set out the development and establishment of the WMCCM to enable small business to embrace e-business.

Research at Warwick has included both large and small organisations such as BMW AG and over 100 SMEs. He has also spent a number of years in industry establishing lean manufacturing practices, implementing MRPII and working in manufacturing management for International Paper PLC.

His out of work interests include travelling and cars, particularly combining the two through driving as far as possible in three weeks to places like The Gambia 04, Tashkent in Uzbekistan 05, and Timbuktu in Mali this Christmas. Other interests include Mountain biking, kayaking and anything outdoors.