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January 20, 2006

CSI: Miami is biased, stereotyped bullsh*t

CSI: Miami has always been derivative and cliched, but it recently reached new highs with an episode called 'Urban Hellraisers'

To anyone who plays games even slightly, this episode is insulting, stereotyped, shallow and offensive. Here's the idea:

A bunch of people go into a bank and kill the blank clerks, crowing about getting '5,000 points!' for killing them. David Caruso finds out that these murders are being perpetrated by people imitating the action in a videogame after playing it. They commit murder with no forethought, laughing at the idea of raping a woman to get 1,000 points. Of course, the truly evil protagonist is the game developer – who planned the whole thing to sell more copies of the game. Bwahah. How evil gamers are. The idea is that the CSI team have to play the game through to find out the next target of these brainwashed gamers. For the love of god….

Now, I play games. I like playing games. I have a healthy social life also, and I am making a good life for myself. It therefore puzzles me that I am being stereotyped as a potential murderer by TV writers and producers. The gamers in the episode are, with no understanding of them or their backstory, being classified as individuals who cannot distinguish reality from fiction. Oh, they are also University students – if that makes it seem worse. This is probably the biggest 'Daily Mail' style cliche ever, that all people who play videogames are socially inept potential psychopaths.

But the writers are simply pandering to what the more stupid members of the public believe. That games are evil, and all violent games are repulsive conscience-free murderer-trainers. Its like a masturbatory episode written by Jack Thomson, everyone's favourite maverick anti-games zealot lawyer/fuckwit/waste of space with more money than sense and apparently a never ending determination to ban every videogame ever. To give you an idea about what the guy does, he recently tried to get The Sims 2 raised a couple of certificate ratings because of its potential as a paedophile simulator. He's that pathetic.

Back to the episode. The episode features the cool, anti-games CSI team versus the pathetic brainwashed individuals who play games such as 'Urban Hellraisers'. The gamers are insane lunatics whose lives are so insular, their discussion makes them sound like they're in the Masons ("The boys won't even look at you if you're not a gamer"). No balance, no fair presentation. Just pure, unequivocal bias. Its amazing in shows like this which generally pride themselves on being PC (pun not intended) that its still considered acceptable to classify a sub-culture in a certain way.

'Hey, it won't offend anyone important, so we can do it!'

Its appalling, and I'm frankly sick and tired of being stereotyped like this by idiots who making sweeping judgements on culture based on media hoo-hah.

January 05, 2006

Isn't it weird?

Odd really.

I was browsing the internet and found my ex-ex-girlfriends blog (a girlfriend from two years ago) and learned something extraordinary. She's getting married and she has a baby daughter.


I also got a mail from Bloomberg thanking me for my interest, but they won't be employing me at this time.


I had to sort out a financial cock-up thanks to those fantastic people at the Arts Centre paying a very large amount of money to the WRONG GODDAMNED SOCIETY.


Still depressed about singledom.


So today's just been a non stop balls up.

January 03, 2006

What is truly wrong with everything

Okay, I've finally worked this out.

The world will be a happier place once we have condoned the ritual execution of children who speak/scream/gurgle/move/breathe/ask stupid questions in the cinema.

I have been to the cinema three times over Christmas, first time with a friend (JIMBOB WEBSTEERRRRR), second time with my parents and a third time with my now ex-girlfriend. The overall frustration I encountered was children who are far too goddamned young to watch King Kong sitting there in the audience, shrieking like…well…kids. What the hell are they doing there if they don't understand it even slightly or if the parents can't keep their kids under control? And the running around, oh boy, don't get me started.

I mean, RUNNING AROUND. It's a film!! Its an awesome 3 hour epic with a gorilla smashing the shit out of stuff, I mean, come on what's there not to be distracted by? Ah yes, three hours…well, send them somewhere else then if they can't sit still for 3 hours. Like, onto the receiving end of a mincer.

Maybe this sounds cruel, I usually love kids – just not in the context of the cinema. Although to be fair, sometimes the kids are a godsend if you compare them with the younger teenagers. At least children sound like they're enjoying themselves or that they're keeping a vague eye on what's going on. I don't want to sound conceited or snobby, but I prefer my films without a commentary of thirteen year olds going 'WHAT UP?!' and 'FUCKIN'-A' or 'SAFE, MAN, SAFE'.

Its probably not a good thing when you start sounding like an old man…but its probably because I like cinema experiences with more cinema and less crap. We could probably just execute Jerry Bruckheimer, Michael Bay and Uwe Boll (THE MOST HEINOUS MAN IN HISTORY) to slow the process down.

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