December 15, 2005

What to do when no–ones around.

I have finally realised that in a house where there are two men, I have become the female of the house. There's such a thing as being in touch with one's feminine side, but when you find yourself being the woman out of two men in a household – that's when you should worry. You start noticing things about your behaviour. You notice the washing up maybe a bit more than you should, and feel the need to mention it. You feel compelled to do the chores without any kind of badgering (because men are, let's face it, lazy fucks) and you feel personally responsible for every light bulb that goes in the house. And you buy the milk for both of you.

Ah yes, our lightbulb problem…

Me and Jim Webster are currently engaging in a fun game called 'Change the goddamned bulb every three minutes' – It's fun, and preferably done in total darkness. We use more bulbs than the Blackpool illuminations, and the display can be truly impressive.

In other developments, we have also now got Cable TV in our house. Productivity has just reached an all time low. I am however, becoming entranced by Dr Who repeats, showings of Red Dwarf, the late night comedy slots on Paramount and – of all things – Goosebumps, the TV series. TV has re-entered my life with a painful vengeance. I have to say though, that I am living in a house of girls who adore the X-Factor and all related reality shows. Thank god the fucking thing is ending at last! Although I have to admit, Journey South's performance of Let it Be wasn't too bad (hangs head in shame).

I received a lovely little tax rebate from…well…the tax office.


Not bad, eh? Money is good, money is fun. I need it since I bought my parents rather expensive Christmas present and booked two tickets to see King Kong tomorrow night (yes, I'm joining the other 3 bajillion people to go and see it at the Coventry skydome, avec Jim Webster). I love the cinema definition of 'Student Concession' – £6 reduced to £5. What an astonishing change. Still, beats paying for tickets in a London cinema (or so I gather).

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  1. There's a very cheap cinema near, but not on, Leicester Square (ie definitely not the Odeon)... only I've forgotten its name.

    15 Dec 2005, 11:07

  2. You may think you're a girl for noticing the washing up Mark, but I ended up doing it, I think without the girls to make us feel masculine we both become massive women.

    That said you did cry a little during Kong, maybe you are the bigger girl.

    16 Dec 2005, 00:12

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