July 21, 2005

Summertime (and everybody's havin' fun)

Wow, how much rage lay in me that 7 weeks or so ago.

Well, it's mid summer. I'm relaxing. There is much to do. Well, actually, there isn't, but that's not the point. I'm going to be busy next term, so I'm relishing my general freedom and lack of any need to…well, do anything really. My life is comparatively quiet at the moment. I have graduated, I enjoyed my moment of glory. Just for a while, its nice to not be needed. When you can just kick back and not have to worry about doing anything.

So, what HAVE I been doing lately? Playing Splinter Cell 3, for a start. And watching the constant Airwaves slogans being fired my way by it. Honestly, why is advertising creeping into games? I don't feel any need for gum because of the game, I feel insulted. Yes, the game is great – but you know, it gets a bit weird.

I'm looking forward to my masters degree year. I'm living with a good friend of mine and some very sweet girls. Okay, so I have been warned what might happen when the air is rife with oestroegen (I think that's how its spelled) but maybe I'll need them to kick my arse when I'm being a lazy tosspot. Nevertheless, it will be fun. And I'll only have one exam next year (can ya FEEEL it?).

Well, I'm going to do some DVD reviews now as I have not done them in a long time.

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  1. I was in London today going from Oxford St. to Euston in a Cab watching what must have been all of the Police Cars in Central and Greater London slam through the traffic. Only found out later on that there were bombs and failed explosions etc…

    A very close friend of mine who was also returning to Euston but by tub was turfed out at Warren St. I think then had taken the bus to Victoria, hoping to take the Vic line to Euston… of all the places to visit!

    You've got to admire the driving of the British Police… really skillful.

    21 Jul 2005, 22:44

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