October 31, 2004

Procrastination Day

Went to a party in Leamington last night, didn't know many people, with a little alcohol I made small talk with inanimate objects etc. Last, and most interesting things I remember, were being shouted at by a random woman "this is a residential area!" from her bedroom window, accompanied by someone else across the road shouting "shut the f**k up!" I really didn't think that we were being that loud. Then went home in a taxi and stopped off at the Istanbully for a burger and chips, note to self, don't get a burger again, you don't like them from the Istanbully, try a chicken kebab instead.

Got up about 12, still haven't done any work. Random programmes I have watched to achieve this feat:

The Ghost Hunter (CBBC Channel)
MotoGP from Valencia
Rugby League: GBR 8 - 12 AUS
Scrapheap Challenge

Will be getting down to doing some though, after I've advised Jim on his Command and Conquer: Generals strategy. Let's just say it's a good job I haven't got the new Grand Theft Auto game, and if I had a job I wouldn't be wasting all this time…will be checking bike shops soon to see if they need a staff member to do repairs etc. If not, I'll be asking Argos about a part time job, or I could go to a supermarket and get a job as a shelf stacker. Just please, don't make me work with people I might go mental.

To Do List (in order of importance)

Analysis III, Vector Analysis Assignments

Find a Job, use money to fund excursions to Leamington for drunken deviancy etc.

October 29, 2004

The Dinosaurs Live!!

Lecture interrupted by man-sized dinosaur

Maths students were left in shock today as a prehistoric lizard invaded L3. The dinosaur, who seems to have survived his race's extinction and has evolved with the ability to speak (and wear a rucksack), entered the Algebra lecture shouting "Wahey!! Dmitriy, Wahey!!" the creature then dashed across the lecture theatre pausing for another triumphant "Wahey!!" before leaving L3 with one of his forearms aloft. The creature received a round of applause from the Maths students, praising the dinosaur's appearance as an enjoyable interlude from Algebra on a Friday afternoon.

(I hear that the dinosaur invaded a Computer Science lecture, any comments are welcome)

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