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August 13, 2013

Connecting to the FIM Web Service from custom applications

I've been evaluating Groovy/Grails vs .NET as a method of making a better FIM Portal and struggled to find clear documentationon on the right address to use to connect to the FIM web service from a development environment.

First check that the FIM web service is actually running on your FIM Service server.

Connect to the server, open a command window, and type netstat -a You should see entries for and indicating that the FIM Service is listening on these ports. [If you changed the default ports during install, you should see the FIM service listening on your custom ports.] If these ports aren't listed, then the FIM Web Service isn't listening and you need to get it running before you go any further.

To access the FIM Web Service, use the address:


If you have Visual Studio handy, a quick way to check FIM Web Service is working is to create a new web project, add a Service Reference, paste in the address above with your server name (or localhost), and click the Go button. Click to expand the Service node and you will see the service types and operations available:

Accessing the FIM Web Service from Visual Studio

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