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October 28, 2006

The World of Tomorrow

Writing about web page

I’m not huge on cigarette card collections – a friend brought me a set for my birthday last year, and when they’re framed they look kind of decorative on the wall. Round at friend’s house a couple of weeks ago, I saw he had a set on the wall, and I thought “yeah OK – maybe I could get another set”. After doing some research, the only set of all those published that I thought sounded neat was a 1936 set called “The World of Tomorrow”, the text lifted from a popular book of the time, accompanied by a collection of images from various pulp magazines and films. All from the 1930s. I also read that they were sought after, and there was one for sale on ebay.

I find the combination of the phrases “sought after” and “buy now” difficult to resist, though I should be a bit careful after my recent 1/6 cut in salary, so bought them straight away. That’s one of the best and worst things about the Internet. You can go from never having heard of something to owning it within a couple of minutes.

The whole set are intriguing though. Sure – there’s the stuff they got right (they predicted ion drive!) and the stuff they got wrong (no computers), but the strangest things are the stuff they assume will still be around and aren’t, and the stuff I assumed were unremarkable but they didn’t have 70 years ago.

Anyway, here are two cards that will seem familiar to people in University House – an impression of what our working environment seems like from the outside and from the inside. If you work in UH, take a look at these and then look around you. Amazingly prescient, I’m sure you’ll agree.

House of GlassHouse of Glass

See what I mean? But I’d never thought of the modern trend of using loads of glass in buildings as being due to an engineering breakthrough. I’d just thought they didn’t do it 70 years ago because they didn’t like buildings like that. My house is 100 years old and has tiny windows. With that plus my energy-saving light-bulbs that take ages to actually turn on, it’s very dark here first thing (If anyone ever thinks I arrive at work looking like I’ve got dressed in the dark, it’s because I have).

Here’s the image of work in the future:

Office of the future
Office of the future

Uncanny isn’t it. It’s like they’d been here. What I don’t get though, is the phrase, “male as well as female”. Was it the norm for women 70 years ago to wear coveralls but not men? Why would they? What’s going on there? And I guess the idea that 70 years in the future we wouldn’t really be making that big a distinction between genders didn’t occur to them.

So in the predicting game, maybe it’s harder to predict what we’ll get rid of than it is to predict what will be introduced? Any ideas what won’t be around any more in 70 years? My guesses are:

Newspapers won’t be around 10 years from now.
Political parties won’t be the main way we get politics done 20 years from now.
I’ll be back with this when I’ve thought of some more.

Today’s song going round in my head is Fallout Boy “number one with a bullet” I really really really hate that song. Last time they played it in Virgin while I was shopping me and the friend I was with ran screaming from the place with our fingers in our ears.

October 24, 2006

today's soundtrack

It seems like most days I wake up with a particular tune going round in my head. Today it’s “The Perfect Girl” by The Cure. I wonder if that’s an indication of mood. OMG that would make today’s mood “sunnily optimistic” :o

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