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April 19, 2008

Not a CD it's a radio station

This is a music review, but it’s for a radio station, not a CD. aka aka soma fm has 13 separate channels, but the ones I listen to to block out the noise of co-workers in the office (not their fault – it’s a consequence of the sheer lunacy of putting people in open plan offices) are Space Station Soma, Sonic Universe, Drone Zone and Doomed. Doomed particularly is a revelation: “Dark and scary industrial-inspired music for tortured souls”. Back-to-back commercial-free tracks from artists of whom 90% are ones I’ve never heard of and yet nearly all are awesome. This is the soundtrack of your nightmares (uh that’s a good thing).


5 out of 5 stars

I’m not a big music reviewer, I buy CDs occasionally, some are OK some aren’t. It’s been a while since I played one over and over as soon as I bought it. Only two in the last year or so – Leftism (Leftfield) and Otherworld (Sonic Attack). Alaska is Metal – bits sound straight Death Metal – but this one has prog overtones which gives it a unique twist. There’s haunting bits, tuneful bits, and all interspersing the usual Death Metal type vocals that sound great. There’s bits that echo Fripp, Pink Floyd and Latin music. Altogether indefinable (unless you want to start creating your own labels, like Pomo Prog Metal or something). I’ve had this a week and already couldn’t be without it.

January 26, 2007

Ghost In The Shell: Standalone Complex 2nd Gig

Writing about web page

Not exactly a review, since the DVD isn’t released until Feb 26, but if the first gig is anything to go by, this will be the highlight of my year anyway. Ghost in the Shell Standalone Complex is part political intrigue, part cop show, and part extended discourse on Cartesian mind-body duality (or ghost-shell duality in the terminology of the series). If you miss the buzz you used to get from cyberpunk in its heyday, this will hit the same spot. The series is set in the near future where crimes are committed by, for example, hacking into people’s minds (everyone in the world of GITS:SAC are linked together through cybernetic implants, except for vagrants, or those who suffer from a standalone complex), or swapping brains, or stealing wine (the only standard international currency). Section 9 combat organ-leggers, cyber-terrorists, clones, and all with a combination of philosophical discourse and kick-@$$ action. Standalone Complex is the epitome of posthuman cool.

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