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March 29, 2008

I can haz push technology?

Writing about web page

It’s been about a year since I last checked on the ICHC site – it’s apparently now quite well know. The extra functionality on the site actually shows how web 2.0 makes things work better too. There’s now voting, there’s an RSS feed, buttons that automatically add the entry to a social bookmarking site, ways to rank entries and competitions to vote on them. Or maybe I didn’t know enough about web 2.0 to realise the significance of these in getting the message out there.

Humorous Pictures
see more crazy cat pics

Oh and a Facebook app. Multiplatform interconnectedness go. Knowledge managers look and learn.

Quintessentially zetigeisty

The Lolcats people (Icanhazcheezbergers) have launched a new site. People send in graphs that summarise some example of popculture. Here’s one

funny graphs
see more funny graphs

It’s a sort of collaborative blog blending web 2.0 and visual impact. Add it to your RSS aggregator. Something to aim for with my next ppt.

March 24, 2008

PBL in SL – Virtual Quests

I’ve just finished a paper for ALT-J analysing the range of learning activities that are taking place in the Theatron project. It’s been useful for me because it’s helped me get my head round the range of activities that are taking place in it, and the choices that people are making about the environment. One choice is that people are using it for collaboration and production, but not for PBL, on the whole. This is probably because it makes more sense to do this using the web, then bring the knowledge into SL. Still – if we do develop the PBL side of things, I’ve dropped a SLURL to a potential resource here This is by Chris Eggplant – who is possibly the strangest looking av I’ve met in SL – and that’s me saying that!

lion on education island

Me taking a look at Education Island this afternoon

March 19, 2008

my yahoo avatar

Seems`like everything you join these days wants you to create an avatar. This is my Yahoo one. Yahoo! Avatars U.K. & Ireland

There does seem to be something addictive about playing around with all the combinations. I wonder how much it makes a difference to your social presence in these online communications though.

March 16, 2008

Just more cats

Just got this photo of my new cat. Only four weeks before I can collect her.

Paht at two months

And just so no-one forgets the other one


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