October 30, 2006

My great–great–grandparents

Writing about web page http://gov-certificates.co.uk/

I finally gave up on waiting for the birth certificate from gov-certificates.co.uk of my great-grandmother, so I contacted the government records office instead. I’m not sure how I ended up with the gov-cert webpage to start with (probably through a Google search) but there’s a link that I hadn’t spotted before from the genealogy website to the GRO webpage. Instead of 22 days (gov-cert), GRO will send the certificates in 5 days, and instead of charging £22 they charge £7. And they actually send them, rather than keeping you hanging around for five months with promises. So, a word of advice if you’re going to take up researching your family history. Gov-certificates.co.uk is a complete rip-off.

Anyway, now I’ve got that off my chest.

The birth certificate gave me my great-great-grandparents’ names, (Thomas Walker and Elizabeth Nelson) and looking them up on the censuses revealed something interesting. My great-great-grandfather Thomas Walker, was born in the East Indies. I’m 1/16 Indian. although I guess with a name like Thomas he was British-born, which is a slight disappointment. I can’t work out from the censuses where exactly in the East Indies he was born – they’re so illegible that the name’s variously transcribed as Froshonapply and Trickonspley!!

Checking back on marriages of Eleanor Nelsons in Norfolk in the 1850s I found there was one married at the same time as a Thomas Walker (that’s probably them). But also at the same time, a Martin Walker got married. Maybe a great-great-grand-uncle who got married in a double wedding?? Anyway, the plot thickens :) I’ve just ordered them, so in about a week I should know about the generation before too.

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  1. Any relationship between Eleanor Nelson and Horatio Nelson (born to the son of a Norfolk parson in 1758)? Horation had ten siblings so there is scope there somewhere.

    31 Oct 2006, 10:47

  2. Well the name of the registrar on the birth certificate was Horation Nelson – but unless he secretly survived and lived to be 102 it’s not the same guy. There is a family tradition that my great grandmother was related to Nelson and I did check out all of his descendants. I hadn’t thought of his siblings’ descendants. I’ll see if I can look into it. Thanks.

    31 Oct 2006, 11:02

  3. I have been idly looking a little further at this and found:


    Scroll down to “Nelson’s Descendents” and you will find an Eleanor who would have been in her twenties in the 1850s…

    But it looks like the titles are all extinct or have gone other ways, I’m afraid! Probably the same with the cash!

    31 Oct 2006, 11:13

  4. well – I’ve traced the family back to my great-great-great-grandfather who was named Henry Nelson and was born early in the 19th century (early enough to have a child born in 1837). He was a butcher, so very unlikely to be related to The Nelson. I’ll keep looking, though, you never know.

    13 Nov 2006, 19:48

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