September 26, 2009

Mr Rascal Turns Square

Listened to Front Row on my way home earlier in the week, and heard Mr. Rascal complain about file-sharing and congratulating Lily Allen on her opposition to it. It seems even more hypocritical when someone who’s into the whole Gangsta thing starts complaining about others breaking the law.

I bought the new Muse album yesterday. It’s pretty good, although the track I was listening to in the car went a bit Queen just before I got home. It was a bit of a nostalgia trip, buying the latest CD while it’s in the charts. Haven’t done that in years, I’m either buying old stuff or bands who have never made it into the charts, like the two Klangstorm CDs I bought the week before. The thing is though, I am a bit of a dinosaur now – even using words like “album”. File-sharing is the norm when it comes to listening to music, not old fogeys buying records. The music industry was a purely 20th century phenomenon and, like newspapers, it looks like it’s not going to last long into the 21st; there’s no divine mandate to say it should exist.

If you’re a musician now the reality is that you’ll sell a few, people will download it, and share it, and that’s it. The real musicians of this world do it for the music anyway, perform for a few dozen people in pubs and have some other way of earning an income. Which is pretty much how nearly every musicians has always lived. People like Lily Allen, and Feargal Sharkey and Dizzy Rascal need to just face that. Their choice is to do it for very little financial reward or just f*** off and do something else. Either way they can stop banging on about how unfair it is. Nobody’s forcing them to be musicians.

Oh wait, D. Rascal Esq. got thrown out of every other lesson at school apart from music, so he might find it a bit tricky. Poetic justice there somewhere, I guess.

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  1. Sue

    I don’t find Lily Allen very musical, she seems like a bit of a drip to me. Chartwise, I prefer someone like Lady Gaga and I’ve downloaded two more of her songs tonight, I much prefer her voice. I remember being introduced to the Four Tops by my first boyfriend who had a brother who was a fair bit older than him and was mad on them. He also had two sisters who were quite a bit older as well as a younger sister. For a long time I’ve been fascinated in how these things can change the whole dynamics of a family – I mean the ages and sex of siblings. One of my friends has a brother who is a lot older than her and she used to sing “I’ve never felt more like singing the blues”. For my birthday this same boyfriend bought me an LP which had a song on it called “Fatty Bum Bum” which he said nearly caused him not to buy it but he liked the album so much and thought I would too. He also gave me a bracelet which he’d made in metalwork at school. I haven’t kept either of these (although I did have the bracelet up until a few years ago) but I have still got the jewelry box he brought me back from his school trip to Italy. A similar thing happened recently when I was buying my niece a piece of jewelry for her birthday on the internet and was just about to click the complete button when I realised it was going to arrive in a box which said “Greed” on it.

    27 Sep 2009, 01:24

  2. Sue

    I was in the car last week with my daughter when a Lily Allen song came on and I did something which I very rarely do, I just turned the radio off and said to my daughter “Sorry, I just can’t standit!” She smiled, I said “Do you like her?” and she said “No”. As a follow-up to what I said earlier, I wonder just how many people using this blog are youngest children.

    27 Sep 2009, 02:06

  3. Sue


    27 Sep 2009, 02:27

  4. Sue

    I’ve always had a strange relationship with sleep. It’s always seemed like a complete waste of time to me. I remember as a child spending many a night lying there not wanting to go to sleep and hoping the morning would soon come. At sleepovers I always seemed to be the last one left awake and remember lying there hoping that someone else would wake up. My mother said that as a baby she had terrible trouble getting me to sleep and in the end resorted to putting lots of toys in my cot and I happily stayed up all night playing with them. She even took me to see the doctor because she was so concerned but he said “I haven’t got the answer but if you find one please let me know as I have a baby at home who is exactly the same.” Of course, over the years I’ve had to try and conform but when I’m left to my own devices I like to stay up.

    27 Sep 2009, 02:54

  5. Sue

    I just wish I had my own blog. I don’t see why it’s so out of the question.

    27 Sep 2009, 02:56

  6. Heidegger

    It’s interesting how most of the words central to our lives are embedded in the Greek language. The Greek language is no ordinary language but rather one with a special and immanent relationship to Being. 2,000 years of egotistical philosophical assumptions have obscured our unique relationship to Being. Forgetting the most important characteristic of our existence has cost a severe price, the price of a world dominated by the technological attitude.

    27 Sep 2009, 03:38

  7. bath mateus

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    21 Dec 2009, 06:04

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