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September 11, 2006

end of conference season

Writing about web page

I’ve just returned from ALT-C 2006, “The Next Generation”. One of the advantages of being an evaluator for hire (Have digital recorder, will travel) is that you get to work with lots of different people, and most of the work you do has dissemination as one of the outputs, so you get to do quite a few conferences. No wait, that’s two reasons.

So this time round I was presenting research I’d conducted for Rachel Edwards (The Learning Grid Manager – how cool is that, having the definitive article as part of your job title? I’m just An Academic development Adviser) and also a presentation with the University of Worcester. Here’s the image of me doing the Worcester one. Can you spot the technical breakdown I encountered during the presentation?

alt presentation 2

If you’re into referencing, this is the references for the two presentations:

Edwards, R.M. and Childs., M. (2006) “The Learning Grid – a model for user-adaptable e-learning provision” ALT-C 2006: the 13th International Conference of the Association for Learning Technology, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, 5th to 7th September 2006

Childs, M., Bell, V., Rothery, A., Smith, K. and Thomas, A. (2006) “Digital Repositories: The next big thing or another failed learning technology?” ALT-C 2006: the 13th International Conference of the Association for Learning Technology, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, 5th to 7th September 2006

That does though make about half-a-dozen conferences over the summer:

International Serious Games Event – Birmingham, 5th June (through the Serious Games for Maths Support project. That was the day that the conference got hoaxed by those RTMark anarchists.

Fun n Games 2006 – Preston, 26th June, I was doing a workshop on Design Patterns for the project of the same name

Managing Research Projects launch event, Warwick, 27th June, just announcing stuff about an onlne forum, this time for the Managing Research Projects project

DIVERSE conference, Glasgow, 5-7 July, doing the opening address and chairing a couple of sessions. I also did a session on the Streaming Theatres project with the people from Amsterdam who are also working on the project

Research Methods Festival, Oxford, 18th July a workshop, again for the Managing Research Projects project.

Four workshops at four conferences in four weeks. A personal best.

Then ALT-C, then next week it’s the Learning On Screen conference, in Birmingham again for the Streaming Theatres project.

I need a few overseas ones to make up for all the Midlands-based ones. Next year maybe.

And if you haven’t spotted the technical breakdown, it’s my flies – you’d think it would be possible to design a zip that didn’t undo itself while you’re walking around – even if the wearer is a bit chunky.

Blog One

Writing about web page

I think it was Irulan Atreides who once said “A beginning is a very delicate time.” So – inspired by the efforts of my colleague Graham, I’m starting off blogging again – you can see my earlier fruitless efforts at and

I’m not sure what it is about blogging that means I don;t stick with it – too busy is a weak excuse, there are plenty of busy people who also blog. I guess it’s lack of the sort of revelations I feel I ought to have to make it worthwhile being read.

But then – the value of blogging, as I keep telling people I’m supposed to be advising, is that it’s a record of your thoughts for your own use, as in a research log, or developing your own professional practice. Keep a diary and one day it will keep you, and all that.

And there’s also the self-publicity, and the communication – if anyone ever reads them. So many of them just seem to be an opportunity to post pictures of your cat.

Anyway – I’ll try and blog daily – today’s a good day for turning over a new leaf since I got my new contract. 27 months of employment to look forward to :S that’s actually the longest contract I’ve ever had. Good grief, I’ll be 45 when that one’s finished :’(

And here’s the photo of my cat


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