January 10, 2007

bank fraud

over christmas I took a call for my mum when she was out, it was from 0800 389 1652 someone claiming to be from Barclay’s Fraud team. I passed the details on to my mum and she rang the number. It all seemed a bit dodgy especially when the chap on the other end started asking for bank details and claiming people had been trying to take money out of her bank account.

I then did a Google search on the phone number and found this website – www.antipope.org/charlie/blog-old/2006/03/06/ which stated that they had the same number call them up but they were certain that it was a dodgy call and had me convinced.

Anyhoo, my mum then spoke to the local bank and it had turned out this was Barclays Fraud calling and it wasn’t dodgy at all as some idiot had tried and succeeded to take money from her account. In the end we must be so careful with bank details but not to dismiss everything as dodgy fraud!

Hopefully anyone who searches on that number will find this article and not dismiss the number as bank fraud when something could be seriously up.

...oh and the bank details were believed to be copied when my dad was buying stuff online through xbox live!

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  1. AdamSample

    i had the same, the call came through from 08000158180 (0800 158 180) and they told me to call 08003891652 (0800 389 1652). i didnt trust them

    i then found out that barclays fraud number is 01604 254 050

    after all, it turns out that it WAS a real call from barclays. but they did praise me for being diligent.

    Even so, never trust people who call you! always call them back on a number that you find out, not neccesarily a number they give you.

    26 Jun 2007, 10:04

  2. marc

    i answered a call from 08000158180 – they only asked for a couple of basic security questions – no account info – and they checked my account for unusual transactions – it seemed genuine.

    17 Jul 2007, 14:19

  3. Rik

    Same here, I had a call on my caller ID from 0800 0158180. Checked it via google and discovered this page. I rang to check and it was Barclaycard fraud centre checking up on some potentialy suspect transactions on one of my cards.

    They all checked out ok and personally I was glad they were taking the time to check it out.

    10 Aug 2007, 13:01

  4. Alex

    I just got a call from the number mentioned above (0800 0158180), picked it up, there was a couple of seconds of silence then they hung up. Being bored on summer holidays I googled it and found this page. Weird…

    16 Aug 2007, 17:33


    my situation indeed is that i have just finish several big transation in last couple of days.and the number 08000158180 asked my basic information such as my birthday in order to check whether the transation is legal. i gave it to him unfortunately.-—-now i can prove that i am reeeally sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo siiiiiiiiiilllllllllly!!!!!!!!!!!

    I find ths page through the same way as well, i was check the number 08000158180 via the baclay service number02071147000 and they said that is not number of Barclay, then i went to my local barclay the staff told me that IT IS A REAL barclay number!i dont who can i trust.it is a shame of Barclay.anyway, now i know never give your information out from a phone even it is a real bank service number.

    28 Aug 2007, 13:04

  6. Alan

    Had a call from this number (0800 0158180) in August and it seemed genuine – saying that there had been fraudulant use of my card (£1000’s of pounds) – I can’t remember the details but I checked on the barclaycard web-site and my card had a block on it so I assumed that everything was all good and that the problem was being sorted…

    I then recieved a letter in the post the following day saying that they urgently needed to contact me which I rather stupidly didn’t follow up on as I assumed I had already spoken to them…

    So, a month goes by (I was moving house so everything was a bit hectic) and I eventually get around to phoning them with the number on the letter…

    They had no record of the original phone call and the card hadn’t been used fraudulently but the address on the account had been changed and a new card sent out so somebody else now has my card :(

    According to google, this number is actually registered to a plumbing company in kent (see here) but I guess this is likely to be fake?

    Luckily, because my address had been changed twice in a matter of months, they put a block on it anyway so that whoever stole it couldn’t use it!

    I can’t believe I fell for this and I’m now left not trusting anybody that phones me up.


    11 Sep 2007, 12:02

  7. Justin

    I got the call from that number as well, googled it and here I am.

    After reading the comments here I called the number, all I was asked for was my Postcode, the guy on the other end then proceeded to list some payments I’d made over the last two days, on things like XBox Live, and Steam and once I’d confirmed it was me that was it.

    Seems pretty genuine, as I really doubt he’d know what I’d been spending my money on otherwise.

    Still better safe than sorry.

    28 Sep 2007, 16:58

  8. Elvis

    08000158180 is genuinely the Fraud Department at Barclaycard – I just went through the rigmarole of ringing Barclaycard on their Customer Service number and eventually got through to the fraud people who had indeed rung me.

    Still, better safe than sorry.

    Uh-huh – thankyouverymuch.

    [elvis has left the building]

    18 Oct 2007, 18:53

  9. f

    this number is a scam. the fraud detection team (which I found using the number on the back of my card) told me they had not called me and this was not their number. ignore all above posts as they are probably made by the con artists

    25 Oct 2007, 14:43

  10. Caroline

    When i saw this number 08000158180 on my mobile as a missed call on Friday i left it thinking that if it was urgent they would call back. Then i had my card declined all over the weekend and so i phoned Barclays – i was passed to the fraud team and told that had blocked my card – i had been buying too many little items on the internet and they had become suspicious!!! They said they’d left a message on my phone but there wasn’t one. I didn’t ask Barlcays about the number but it does all tie up. All’s well that ends well i suppose.

    Best advice would be to call Barclays on their normal number as soon as you look at these messages as it could be that they are trying to contact you.

    28 Oct 2007, 18:37

  11. Fergus

    I just called up the number listed on their web site (08457555555) to check this out, and they confirm that it is a Barclays number – Barclaycard Customer Services & Sales, specifically.

    Why they’re using that as a fraud-investigation line is beyond me, but there you go. I told the guy I was speaking to they really should put the number on their web site somewhere, but I suspect they don’t want to do that because it’s a freephone number! Feh.

    29 Oct 2007, 20:10

  12. laura

    I just had a similar situation to Caroline above.
    The weird 08000158180 number called, and when I answered there was no-one there, so I rang off and googled it, arriving here. Less than 30 minutes later a different number called and asked me a security question. She had the exact details of a couple of unusual transactions I had made in the last 24 hours, including company names, so I was happy it was genuine. The number the second call came from was an 01604 number. It is all a bit peculiar and when I asked the woman about it, she said the 08000 number wasn’t theirs. I’m going to call the fraud number no though, just to make sure! Will post again if there’s anything further to report!


    02 Nov 2007, 14:09

  13. kev

    I had this call and rung them back.He asked me my card number and I refused to give it. Then I gave my age and post code. He then told me about a big debit I had made that day and that they had stopped my card temporarily to check it, so he seemed genuine. I rang Barclays telephone banking 0845 7555 555 and they confirmed that this was the case.

    02 Nov 2007, 15:17

  14. Peter

    I received a call from this number and when I was asked for personal details, I told the guy I would contact the bank myself. I called the Barclay’s fraud line and after a few security checks they asked me if I had recently spent £178, which I hadn’t. I was then put through to another operator who told me my card was being used in Italy. My card has been locked and re-issued. If you received a call from this number then look up a Barclay’s anti-fraud number and call them as soon as possible. You don’t need to contact them using the 0800 number, just make sure you contact them.

    07 Nov 2007, 10:52

  15. matthew

    I keep getting calls from that number too…08000158180.. i know i spent a lot of money recently, but i should never have to give my account details out unless i call them, not they call me… so when i said ‘can i call you back through the barclays main number? the lady was quite annoyed and said it was not necessary. hmmm, i wonder why?

    23 Nov 2007, 15:45

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