August 15, 2005

Afternoon Tea

同じwarwickの留学生、あさこさんとさとこちゃんと一緒にAfternoon Teaに出かけました。といっても、それはいつもバスで通り過ぎるだけで降りたことのないKenilworthのお店。あさこさんが前に行ったことがあって、誘ってくれたのです。



Afternoon Teaだからね。


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  1. wow amazing photos!!

    15 Aug 2005, 16:20

  2. Minori


    15 Aug 2005, 22:50

  3. Shoko


    19 Aug 2005, 04:16

  4. Johnson

    Never know there's such a Nice Place in Kenilworth, LOL :)

    22 Aug 2005, 14:31

  5. Mari

    Thank you for your comments everyone!

    Thank you! I never imagined there is such a lovely place in Kenilworth…its very British!

    I'd love to go there again with u!

    Yeah, it was fabulous! i'm scared about my weight if i keep eating like this…
    Time really flies, doesn't it? I miss here, don't want to go back… Yes, I'm definitely going out of Japan again in the near future! Anyway enjoy your second year in Canada!

    i think you might be able to guess the story…yes i went to have afternoon tea in Kenilworth with Asako and Satoko. it was such a relaxing place and sweets and tea were really nice!
    When are you leaving here anyway?

    22 Aug 2005, 18:26

  6. Johnson

    hi, Mari

    I found a free accomodation near my current house and will stay there till the mid / or end of Sep. Then jsut head for Taiwan ^^ And you?

    23 Aug 2005, 12:50

  7. Mari

    Wow, free accomodation?? You mean you will move to your friend's place after he leaves there? At any rate, its lucky for u to be sure about the place after the end of the contract of your present place. I know some people still looking for an accomodation where they can spend the rest of Sep.
    As for me, I am planning to fly to Japan on 9th hopefully…but still not sure yet about the exact date. I want to remain in Uk if its possible but i will go back anyway to see my family and to make sure what I will do from now.
    Want to meet you again before we leave!

    23 Aug 2005, 14:13

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