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March 22, 2005

Friday 4th March– Session Seven

Today our little group met early, because we really wanted to get a big bulk of the work done before the rest of our group arrived so that we could hear their views on the path we were taking, to ensure we were all on the same wavelength. We got a lot done in the time we were there. One of the collages is nearly finished, and the other is not far off. I like the way the collages are developing, we have managed to convey the anger and sense of danger that wad evident in the whole Medea vs. Jason battle. We basically spent the whole session experimenting with different colours and techniques, and learning what was effective and useful, and also of course what was not.

The group worked really well together today. I felt encouraged to be artistically creative (which Iím usually not), and whilst we all had good ideas, we all felt comfortable in disagreeing with an idea, and working it out so that we could use peoples ideas so that they would be effective. I never once felt unsure about contributing, and the group were always encouraging on the many instances that I proved my lack of skill with a paint brush. Despite my many mistakes, the collage is looking great, I especially like the way we have used a graffiti style to incorporate powerful phrases. This gives the piece a dangerous and slightly dingy feel, which I think really works.

Friday 11th March–Session Nine.


The performance went really well, there were a few hicups, for example we messed up the timing of the shadow images- but I don't think anyone noticed!

The collage looked really effective, it was lit so that it looked mysterious, and we were really proud of it! I really enjoyed seeing the other sections of the instalation in the full performance, the chorus section was really powerful, and the film worked so well, especially juxaposed with Zoe and Jack's perfomance.

I had also not heard the sound effects all the way through before, and these were amazing, in the booths they were edited so they played over the lyrics "dirty little boy" which was SO creepy to listen to. It's such a shame the audience didn't get the full effects of this.

Overall, I am so proud of our piece. I had imense fun preparing it and performing in it. I feel that what we achieved was really creative, I have never felt so artistic!

I had such a good time working with this group. This project gave me a chance to work with so many new people, people that i didn't realise were so talented and creative ( i know im overusing the word).

I also really enjoyed the subject we were working on, when I first read the play I had no concept of how much theatrical potential there was.

The other group did a piece that was more performance based than ours, which encorporated the classical theatricality of Greek Theatre. I enjoyed this piece becasue of the group managed to cobmine the clasical with the modern, using so many different methods of performance. I really liked the dance, and also the ending, the way they finished with the creation of a painting, I thought this was so origianal, and really effective.

The performance day was really interesting, not only in seing the other group's take on the play, but also in seeing how our performance evolved. This project has been so stimulating and enlightening.

Thursday 10th March–Session Eight

During this session we tied up the loose ends of each section of the piece. We finished the collages, and we hung them, making sure they were at an appropriate height. Then I moved to the chorus group, and helped by giving feedback on their perfromance, giving my oppinion on what was effective and what wasn't.

We also made sure everythin was set up for the next day so that we could have as much rehursal time as possible.

I was really pleased with the way the collages turned out, they were angry and passionate, and we managed to encorporate the classical with the modern which looked really good.

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