November 23, 2012

First entry on Organising yourself and your time

Workshop Tutor: Beverly Maynard


The main reason I attended this workshop was to follow up an action point for the first seminar I attended which was An Introduction to Skills Development and the Warwick Skills Portfolio. On this first experience I found it incredibly difficult to keep the deadline for posting the reflective writing on my blog. I kept postponing it to the point that I ended up doing my first entry a month after taking the workshop. When this happened I recognized a huge weakness on myself, in my ability to organize my time and myself. I spent my first month here at Warwick with no specific plan to follow, and as a consequence I felt I lost complete control of my life.

So here I am trying not to make the same mistake of last time, and taking advantage of the benefits that reflective writing can bring to you. Looking back at the seminar I find it amazing that even though I was aware of everything that was discussed, I was not able to apply to my experience. The concepts of prioritizing, procrastination, planning and delegating are not new to me, but still I am not applying them appropriately to my time and life management. I think now I know why and it’s that I had never before called this “management”. I understand now that this is a skill that needs you to work actively and constantly on it. It will not just get done on its own, and it’s much more complex than just to do a couple of to-do-lists.

All this made me look at the process of my time management in a different way. I have always found it difficult to tackle the big tasks, and I keep delaying doing work for them because I had always concentrated on the to-do-lists. And even though these are necessary as well what I was missing was the big picture. This is why I believe that Macro-planning is one of the things I need to work on the most.


  1. So for my first action point, I am going to take advantage of the macro-planning process. I need to mark the different deadlines for assignments and group work and start working my way back in smaller tasks that will help me achieve the final product. This is of great importance at this point because I have been leaving my assignments for later and focusing only on my teamwork. Only for the fact that the teamwork is due before, but in fact my assignments are worth more of my final grade. So By the end of this week I need to have found a balance between the two, and have set specific actions on my planner regarding this subject.

  2. Other weakness I recognized through this workshop is my inability to focus and prioritize myself rather that what others want me to do for or with them. I think it comes back to the same issue of thinking very short term and not being very organized with my long-term goals. So I have been letting my flat mates, friends, and group mates control what we are doing, when and where. One example of this is that most of the times I am home after eating in the kitchen and even though I should go upstairs to do some reading or look up things in my computer to take advantage of my extra time, I end up staying and chatting with all of them. So I need to have my time management clearer in my head so I can take do the most of it. Next time this situation happens in different environments I will think of what I need to do, and base my decisions on that.

  3. And finally I need to work on my ability to delegate, mostly regarding the teamwork. I tend to want to do everything for myself, which doesn’t make me the best at team work. I find it hard to let others do things but I realize now that I can not handle everything on my own. So as a way to work on this skill, in the two group works I have for this term, I will identify tasks that I am doing but others with less work load can help me with and delegate this to them.

  4. I am feeling really positive about my process towards becoming a better manager of myself and my time. And I believe this is a skill that will be incredibly important for the rest of my personal and professional life.

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  1. Beverley Maynard

    Hi Marie

    Please accept my apologies for the non-response to your blogs – I have had a few problems with accessing these.
    Your first blog recognised that time management is a skill that improves if you employ certain techniques and begin to manage your time more effectively. You identify several action points – to manage your deadlines, to prioritise and to delegate. Let us see how you get on with these.



    10 Jan 2013, 10:17

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