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January 29, 2012

Final entry on Introduction to critical thinking

Finally, I'm able to understand and apply most of the critical thinking concept and strategies particulary in my written assignment. Actually I've been familiar with critical thinking when I taught in my previous school, however, this is my first time to apply and practice it in the written form. The concept and stratregies taught in the workshop have been very useful to improve my writing assignment.

All my action plans have been really attached and blended with myself in my reading and writing activities. When I read any books or articles, I will check the author, year of the book published and references list. Furthermore, I analyse the methodology and context of the journal that I read. In my writing, I try drafting key concepts in logical order and ask myself for the purpose and needed key information should be included. And, the last thing is to balance and include various perspectives from positive to negative point of views. Although, sometimes I'm still having difficulties for certain topics in applying this strategy, I believe that practices will make better.

January 08, 2012

Follow–up on Introduction to critical thinking

Heres a summary of how I've been getting on with my action points

  1. I will apply the critical way process (purpose, audience, key information, logical order) in writing my assignment.

    This strategy has been useful whilst I'm writing my assignment. At the beginning of my writing, I just wrote the most important and needed information for my topic. Then, during the self proof reading, I started thinking the order based on logical order, purpose, key information and audience.

  2. I will prepare a set of challenging questions  or mindset when reading books and articles.

    I have new habits after applying this strategy when reading a book. My old habits usually just read the title and interesting parts. However, my new habits due to this strategy have made me not only reading the titles but also the published year and contents. I also check some references after reading a book or journal more often to review and use some powerful resources directly.

  3. I will use different kinds of perspective either advantages/disadvantages or positive/negative when I am writing my assignment.

    Another strategy has made me aware when I'm collecting the sources of my assignment topic. To include the positive and negative opinion based on some journals in balanced. Sometimes I have tendency to allocate more on the positive sides to support my strategies. At least, this strategy has been giving me an awareness to balance and argue the both sides (positive/negative or advantages/disadvantages).

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