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December 19, 2011

Final entry on Reading and note–making

In my final blog, I would like to thank for conducting a useful workshop in order to enhance my learning journey in Warwick much easier. I have been working for a quite long time and found difficulties to stay focus in reading lots of books, listening and understanding the lectures.
This workshop has guided me in developing some strategies in reading books and note-making for lecture and books. There are many reading tips from the workshop which have been applied effectively when I want to read a book, for instance scanning table contents, using a pointer to stay focus and setting a clear purpose. In addition, the most useful strategy given from the workshop is making a note together with the referencing system of a book. This has helped me a lot in organizing my written assignment since I have started earlier from my first book. Lastly, the sharing notes with classmates is one new thing that I have never thought about it even though it has not always been successfully happening for my case.

Final entry on Speed reading

Finally, there are many reading strategies given from the workshop which have been useful and effectively applied to enhance my learning journey. The workshop enables me to give an awareness whether my reading speed is too slow or not by measuring the read words per minute. This measurement motivates me to improve my reading skills. My reading speed has improved from 132 wpm to about 200 wpm at the moment. Sometimes the speed could increase or decrease depending on the content of the text which new concept or topic will make me slower in reading and need to stop and highlight it.

Most of my action plans are able to be used during my reading time such as using a pointer, avoiding skip-backing, highlighting and recording key points after finished the reading. The most helpful strategy for me is using a pointer to make me stay focus and it also improves my reading speed by tapping the texts in the middle of the article in order to skip unnecessary words. On the other hand, I am still working on to reduce the subvocalization when I am reading a book.
In general, all the given strategies and tips from the workshop have made my reading time more efficiently and enjoyable. I will continue the two of my action plans, using a pointer and avoid skip-backing and still need to improve on my third action plan, reducing subvocalization whilst reading.

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