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December 16, 2011

Final entry on An introduction to skills development and the Warwick Skills Portfolio

This final blog has been able to help me in the process to know and understand my personality and learning styles. By understanding my own personality and learning style better, it will help better in enhancing my own learning journey in Warwick University as well as in my educational career in the future.
Even though I have done several self-assessment tools such as four temperament types (sanguine, choleric, melancholic, phlegmatic) and Multiple Intelligences test, I was surprised to know that my theorist style has been great developed when completed the 40-item learning style questionnaire given by the workshop tutor. However, at that time, I also become more aware of my weaknesses, which need to be more reflective. The skills development and Warwick skills portfolio workshop has been enable me to create three action plans that are easily applied for myself in order to improve my personality. The three action plans have been successfully completed.
1. I will spare 10-15 minutes everyday to reflect on my learning experiences or activities on that day.
This reflective time has been going more often than before and I use this time to plan and evaluate my daily activities. It has been helping me to be more thinker and calmer in handling different situations.
2. I am encouraging myself to achieve this WSPA since it will help me making a structured reflection on the blog.
The structured reflection on the blog enables me not only to reflect on this workshop but also to recall all the other workshops and record the key important points in the blog. Writing the knowledge and skills that you have learnt helps me to recall and review coincidently.
3. I am going to read and review some parts related to theorist and reflective characteristics of the learning styles questionnaire book given from the workshop.
By reading and reviewing the learning styles questionnaire book, I become more aware the positive and negative different types of learning style. Since my learning style is weak in reflector, I have made some strategies to improve on it. For example, I allocate certain time to reflect myself what I have gained and not yet gained within a week and read the appropriate papers more carefully before joining some activities or implementing some action plan. Although sometimes it is quite diificult for me to do it since it's not my natural habit, I found that it helps me better in organising my activities.

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